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Review: 9.7-inch iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Cover
Posted on 1-May-2016 14:05

Apple’s NZ$280 Smart Keyboard Cover doesn’t turn the 9.7-inch iPad Pro into a laptop. It does something more useful. At the launch Apple said its 9.7-inch iPad Pro is a PC replacement.. That’s debatable. People spend a lot of time typing on PCs so that claim doesn’t start to stack up until you add a keyboard. […]... Comments (Comments)

Here’s one reason PC sales won’t recover
Posted on 28-Apr-2016 12:45

The Wall Street Journal reports that desktop internet use is falling. The amount of time people spend accessing the Internet from desktop devices is showing signs of decline, according to online measurement specialist comScore. Data from the research company indicate overall time spent online in the U.S. from desktop devices—which include laptop computers—has fallen for […]... Comments (Comments)

Reviewing technology products: Science and anecdotes
Posted on 26-Apr-2016 09:00

Tech product reviews take many forms. Some are scientific. Others are anecdotal.  Scientific reviews involve research, prising the back from things, taking them apart and dropping them on hard surfaces. Listening to noises. Measuring everything. Running battery life tests. You come away from these tests with numbers. Often many numbers. Maybe you’ve heard of data […]... Comments (Comments)

Doing one thing at a time works wonders
Posted on 25-Apr-2016 14:00

Tony Schwartz, at the Harvard Business Review, says dividing attention between tasks is dangerous. He says digital devices with always-on connections train us to split attention between tasks without ever focusing on one. Schwartz says this hurts productivity increasing the time to finish a task by 25 percent. In The magic of doing one thing at a time he recommends […]... Comments (Comments)

New Garmin navigation devices to help increase driver awareness
Posted on 22-Apr-2016 14:18

The addition of smart notifications, which display calls, text messages and app notifications on the navigation screen, as well as voice-activated navigation and Bluetooth wireless technology for hands-free calling, allows drivers to keep both hands safely on the wheel.... Comments (Comments)

FreeviewPlus now on satellite service
Posted on 22-Apr-2016 14:14

Enjoying On Demand on TV is about to become a whole lot simpler and easier for even more Kiwis up and down the country, as Freeview New Zealand rolls out FreeviewPlus on their satellite platform.... Comments (Comments)

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Could I have some maths help please.
Created by kiwifidget, last reply by joker97 on 30-Apr-2016 16:18 (60 replies)
Pages ... 2 3 4

Electoral Party most likely to do something about Auckland housing bubble?
Created by TeaLeaf, last reply by MikeAqua on 29-Apr-2016 16:18 (202 replies)
Pages ... 12 13 14

Chief Censor backs ban on offensive Wicked Campers designs
Created by Mspec, last reply by darylblake on 29-Apr-2016 20:15 (47 replies)
Pages ... 2 3 4

Alternative to Dropbox
Created by ratbert, last reply by JamesL on 2-May-2016 07:29 (30 replies)
Pages ... 2

Lightbox free for Spark home broadband customers
Created by freitasm, last reply by rscole86 on 28-Apr-2016 15:02 (14 replies)

Electrical Wiring questions
Created by Willuknight, last reply by Willuknight on 30-Apr-2016 20:42 (26 replies)
Pages ... 2

They lost the war on drugs
Created by Rikkitic, last reply by Rikkitic on 2-May-2016 09:27 (387 replies)
Pages ... 24 25 26

Removing a (faulty) dimmer unit
Created by mdf, last reply by RUKI on 1-May-2016 14:16 (22 replies)
Pages ... 2

CleverLoop home security review
Posted on 28-Feb-2016 13:12

Having recently looked at a home automation system I thought it would be good to have a look at a pure video security system, and luckily the CleverLoop folks have a New Zealand presence. I had a chance to meet with their local representative and one of their developers who was visiting the country.... Comments (Comments)

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When you see these headlines on Stuff you know they've reached peak low-quality (peak/low?). It almost looks like their daily meetings go like "Hey we don't have stories for today, is that ok if I post a video plucked from YouTube with a ‘[something] goes viral' in the headline?" The true sto...
IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of the 6th April (the day after this went live) Air NZ have had a "policy change" that now means these new P class fares CAN NOW be upgraded like other classes of fares. This means that F class (Grabaseat) fares are the only revenue fares that can't be upgraded. If you're a f...
Sky OnDemand - Whats new in April in Movies
Posted by ockel on 4-Apr-2016 17:33
Every month I'll try to document the additions (and deletions) from its new(ish) ondemand library. Remember that only Movie subscribers have access to Movie content, Soho subscribers have access to Soho content, although there are some exceptions in the Movie catalogue. But basic subscribers c...
Geekzone data analytics with Power BI
Posted by freitasm on 3-Apr-2016 12:49
In the past I have looked at Geekzone data to find trends, influentials and other information. This data was used to support decisions such as "should we create a new forum for this subject" or "should we close this sub-forum?" and so on. We also used it for marketing, answering questions such as "W...
State of browsers Geekzone March 2016
Posted by freitasm on 2-Apr-2016 21:09
It is time for the annual report on browser usage around Geekzone. At the bottom of this post you will find links to previous years so you can compare these numbers with previous years. These charts are based on Google Analytics data collected during the 31 day period ending 31th March 2016. I real...
Every month I'll try to document the additions (and deletions) from its new(ish) ondemand library. Remember that only Soho subscribers have access to Soho content, Movie subscribers to Movie content. But basic subscribers can get "OnDemand", Zone, Box, Vibe or Prime content as its made availa...
This morning Microsoft Build kicked off in San Francisco and I'm there and will be sharing some of my impressions – both here on my blog, and also via twitter (You can follow my updates @paulspain). Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella started the keynote asking many questions – such as whether ...

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Number not available
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Wasp Nest destruction
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Variation in the price of Fuel
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Extending signal around the house. powerline adapter?
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Recommend me an ISP / Plan - best service / hardware
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Netflix to crack down on unblockers
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Car headunit and reversing camera
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Dick Smith closing down sale discounts
Created by freitasm, last reply by ojo on 2-May-2016 10:13 (330 replies)
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S7 edge cracked screen repair
Created by beehappy, last reply by keewee01 on 2-May-2016 10:10 (2 replies)