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Hawaiki cable in US partnership
Posted on 29-Sep-2016 17:08

Hawaiki cable to land in Oregon and operate in partnership with Alaska Communications.... Comments (Comments)

Apple and Deloitte team up to accelerate business transformation on iPhone & iPad
Posted on 29-Sep-2016 11:32

Apple and Deloitte have announced a partnership to help companies quickly and easily transform the way they work by maximising the power, ease-of-use and security the iOS platform brings to the workplace through iPhone and iPad.... Comments (Comments)

SecureCom acquires Atmospheric
Posted on 29-Sep-2016 11:28

Privately-held IT services provider SecureCom has today acquired cloud specialist Atmospheric Ltd.... Comments (Comments)

Orcon Xbox deal lures gigabit gamers
Posted on 28-Sep-2016 16:59

Orcon consumer general manager Taryn Hamilton says his company will be first off the block when gigabit fibre services go live around New Zealand on October 1. Hamilton says Orcon will be aggressive going after the market. It is selling an unlimited, naked gigabit plan for $135 in Northpower, Enable and UFF local fibre company […]... Comments (Comments)

When computers go bad they’re cybers
Posted on 28-Sep-2016 09:07

Stick the words computer-, net-,  web-, online- or digital- directly in front of other words and you won’t scare the population half to death: Computer-gaming Net-gaming Web-gaming Online-gaming Digital-gaming. This is also true when whatever being discussed has negative, or less than positive implications. You know these things aren’t necessarily good, but they’re not going […]... Comments (Comments)

Mood of the Boardroom: Grant Robertson’s Future of Work
Posted on 27-Sep-2016 17:24

Sixty-nine chief executives responded to an open-ended question as to what they would like to see on the Labour Shadow Finance Minister’s policy agenda. “Continue to constrain public expenditure to core and effective services,” advised Unitec CRO Rick Ede. “Reset taxation and investment incentives to favour productive investment instead of property investment. “Continue the investment […]... Comments (Comments)

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What's your take on this whole no conviction rugby thing.
Created by Mspec, last reply by dejadeadnz on 30-Sep-2016 22:51 (116 replies)
Pages ... 6 7 8

FPP elections considered harmful
Created by SaltyNZ, last reply by Geektastic on 30-Sep-2016 23:03 (24 replies)
Pages ... 2

Getting Your Daily Fix - Sites you have to check everyday
Created by firefuze, last reply by Brumfondl on 29-Sep-2016 19:45 (23 replies)
Pages ... 2

Possibly the best contribution to road safety since ABS
Created by Geektastic, last reply by scuwp on 30-Sep-2016 07:20 (39 replies)
Pages ... 2 3

Buying without building consent/CCC?
Created by Zeon, last reply by neb on 27-Sep-2016 16:33 (38 replies)
Pages ... 2 3

Safe, practical SUV for family under 12k
Created by wikibedi, last reply by MikeAqua on 30-Sep-2016 11:47 (53 replies)
Pages ... 2 3 4

Galaxy Note 7 Announcement and Owners' Thread
Created by eracode, last reply by eracode on 30-Sep-2016 10:01 (976 replies)
Pages ... 64 65 66

Electrical work radio ad - Misleading?
Created by tchart, last reply by MikeB4 on 30-Sep-2016 14:52 (15 replies)

Garmin vivomove review
Posted on 21-Aug-2016 18:57

The Garmin vivomove is a good looking activity tracker that resembles an analog watch. It is closer to a sport watch but the ability to swap wriststraps makes it easy to adapt to different social situations.... Comments (Comments)

Meizu M3 Note review
Posted on 21-Aug-2016 17:06

I have received a Meizu M3 Note smartphone from PB Tech for review and it's fair to say it's a very impressive device - for the middle-tier price range and superb service by PB Tech (more on this later) this is an excellent choice for our market.... Comments (Comments)

Philips Hue review
Posted on 14-Aug-2016 20:26

Philips has released an updated Hue platform with a new Hue Bridge, the little smart box that connects up to 50 Hue lights and lamps to the bigger network out there.... Comments (Comments)

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Samsung Galaxy Explodafone (Note 7)
Posted by chris021 on 30-Sep-2016 12:17
I was early to board the Note 7 train and have to say it is still the best smart phone on the market. All the hype and reviews are right. Samsung have taken a while to get the Note line back to where it should be and they sure have done so with the Note 7. Build quality, premium materials, IP68, exp...
The secret life of mobile batteries
Posted by antoniosk on 20-Sep-2016 19:29
Smartphone batteries have been in the news recently, in case you haven't been keeping up. On this mornings Jetstar flight the attendant took extra care to call out that Galaxy Note7 users would have to keep their device off - personally if I had one of these mobiles I would be utterly livid. Just no...
Neon & SkyOnDemand - HD by stealth ?
Posted by ockel on 16-Sep-2016 13:19
There have be sporadic reports that some content on Neon is streaming in HD. Investigation into recent content additions on SkyOnDemand reveals a quality improvement may be happening it does not appear to be HD as the purists would define it. Confounding the issue is the absence of any announcemen...
On Monday this week New Zealand saw the launch of a new nationwide Internet provider back by Fairfax and known as Stuff Fibre. Much fanfare (mainly on Fairfax owned has preceded the launch over the last few months. Stuff Fibre joins the list of around 100 existing ISP's in the incredibl...
Review: Navman MiVUE680
Posted by nate on 14-Sep-2016 00:07
There's a competition on Geekzone to win this review unit. Click here to enter. Dashcams are not normally a product that I'd review, however when the opportunity came up to do some stunt driving, including a ridiculously tight parallel park, an attempt to jump the car over a ramp, then the actual j...
HP selling AV ?
Posted by xpd on 13-Sep-2016 14:52
Recently an elderly friend contacted me regarding a HP printer she had purchased and some issues she was having with it on her laptop. She had it running fine, then one day it stopped working properly, so as anyone in her situation would do, she looked up HP's number online and called them. Now, t...
Every month I'll try to document the additions (and deletions) from its ondemand library. SkyOnDemand now has 298 movies available for Movie subscribers 17 movies available for Basic subscribers (at no additional charge) plus 21 movies for Rialto subscribers OnDemand movies totaling ...

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Sweden to reintroduce conscription
Created by Geektastic, last reply by Geektastic on 1-Oct-2016 00:34 (19 replies)
Pages ... 2

EV (electric vehicle) general news
Created by Linuxluver, last reply by Scott3 on 30-Sep-2016 23:52 (204 replies)
Pages ... 12 13 14

Considering move to Orcon UFB
Created by Phoenix547, last reply by Rambaldi on 30-Sep-2016 23:42 (1 reply)

NZ vs India cricket
Created by Apsattv, last reply by Apsattv on 30-Sep-2016 23:26

internet not working with new ADSL connection
Created by Saucelot, last reply by n00dy on 30-Sep-2016 23:20 (5 replies)

FPP elections considered harmful
Created by SaltyNZ, last reply by Geektastic on 30-Sep-2016 23:03 (24 replies)
Pages ... 2

What's your take on this whole no conviction rugby thing.
Created by Mspec, last reply by dejadeadnz on 30-Sep-2016 22:51 (116 replies)
Pages ... 6 7 8

Fibre causes sentencing hiccup
Created by DarthKermit, last reply by chevrolux on 30-Sep-2016 22:49 (2 replies)

Building cladding question
Created by joker97, last reply by Fred99 on 30-Sep-2016 22:41 (28 replies)
Pages ... 2

Can I get day/night rates eletricity?
Created by Jax, last reply by Hammerer on 30-Sep-2016 22:26 (5 replies)

What are you doing with your HTPC?
Created by nate, last reply by lchiu7 on 30-Sep-2016 21:50 (41 replies)
Pages ... 2 3

FS: $500 Smith City voucher for $420
Created by Geese, last reply by michaelmurfy on 30-Sep-2016 21:46 (2 replies)

Community UniFi Cloud Controller
Created by michaelmurfy, last reply by michaelmurfy on 30-Sep-2016 21:43 (12 replies)

Using ex-Vodafone HG659 to connect to Bigpipe Fibre
Created by TheophilusNZ, last reply by TheophilusNZ on 30-Sep-2016 21:17 (5 replies)

Dish TV T2200 accessing You Tube
Created by gofer123, last reply by gofer123 on 30-Sep-2016 21:16

Dish TV T2200 Remote
Created by gofer123, last reply by gofer123 on 30-Sep-2016 21:07

Orcon gigabit plans
Created by freitasm, last reply by Rambaldi on 30-Sep-2016 20:27 (20 replies)
Pages ... 2

Housing prices....
Created by Linuxluver, last reply by Linuxluver on 30-Sep-2016 20:21 (113 replies)
Pages ... 6 7 8

Created by Geese, last reply by neb on 30-Sep-2016 20:02 (15 replies)

Want to buy a Power Bank - Any recommendations?
Created by Finch, last reply by neb on 30-Sep-2016 19:48 (57 replies)
Pages ... 2 3 4