Blu-ray Rentals in N.Z

, posted: 26-Jul-2008 18:39

Thought I'd start of a list of places you can rent Blu-ray High Def discs. If anyone knows of any others then let me know & I'll add them to the list.

Making this list brings back memories of just over 10 years ago when they started renting out DVD's in N.Z. Myself & a mate started a web site ( - NZ Home Theater, which is long gone) listing the stores renting discs. The web site grew pretty quickly to include DVD news, links and a very busy for sale page (before trademe was around). We also ended up selling new DVDs, doing region mod's (multizone) on DVD players (including players for most major chain stores) & organising DVD Swap Meets.
Those were the days......importing DVDs from the States at half the price we were importing Laser Discs for & the picture quality was better.
Props have to go out to the guys who started Viewmaster in Grey Lynn. They were importing hundreds of Region 1 (USA) DVDs for rental when hardly any one else had any & there was nothing on Region 4 (NZ/Aust).

Anyway, back to the present & the poor state of Blu-Ray rentals in NZ.......well I suppose there is at least a few of these guys doing a good job of things

Link to Civic Video Stores
Link to United Video Stores
Link to Video Ezy Stores


Blockbuster Highland Park - 20 titles (as of 6/2/08)
Blockbuster Birkenhead - 'a couple' (as of 6/2/08)

Civic Video Mt Eden - 50-60 titles Laughing(as of 25/4/08)
Civic Video Grey Lynn - 50-60 titles (as of 29/6/08)
Civic Video Ponsonby - 18 titles (as of 25/4/08)
Civic Video Mt Albert - 2 titles (as of 25/4/08)
Civic Video Browns Bay - 'got their first few BD's' (as of 30/04/08)

United Video Westgate - 'small selection' (as of 4/2/08)
United Video Mt Roskill - 35 titles (as of 26/7/08)

Video Ezy Royal Oak - ~80 titles (as of 12/1/09)
Video Ezy Ponsonby - 20 titles (as of 25/4/08)
Video Ezy Mt Roskill - ~15 titles (as of 12/1/09)
Video Ezy Mt Eden - 2 titles (as of 25/4/08)
Video Ezy Lynfield - ~50 titles (as of 15/5/08)

It seems that Video Ezy only have Sony titles at the moment. Sounds like they get them cheap with some kind of profit sharing deal.


Civic Video in Kelburn (as of 25-4-08)
Video Ezy Ghuznee Street - 'have a reasonable range' (as of 25-4-08)

Video Ezy South Dunedin - 30 (as of 26-4-08)

Alice in videoland - ~50 (as of 28-4-08)

Online - ~200 (as of 24/4/08) - 107 titles (as of 24/4/08) - ~50 titles (as of 24/4/08)


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Other Region Blu-Ray discs that will play in NZ

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Comment by adamj, on 25-Apr-2008 11:57


Video Ezy Ghuznee Street have a reasonable range

Comment by bradstewart, on 25-Apr-2008 13:34

Video Ezy South Dunedin have a couple

Comment by antoniosk, on 25-Apr-2008 18:51

Civic Video in Kelburn

Comment by bradstewart, on 26-Apr-2008 10:27

Update: Went to the previously mentioned Video Ezy, they have about 30 titles now.

Author's note by AceVPD, on 26-Apr-2008 13:27

Thanks guys

Comment by AmooMan, on 26-Apr-2008 23:11

Video Ezy South Dunedin Has heaps !! like 20+
I have hired 4 so far.. will prob watch most of them..
They seem to be the only video store in Dunedin so far with a good range of blu-ray that i have found.

Comment by xldave, on 27-Apr-2008 17:34

Alive in videoland ( in Christchurch is starting to get stuff in on blu-ray. According to thier website they have 50 titles currently

Comment by tstone, on 29-Apr-2008 08:22

Hi, last week Civic Video Browns Bay (North Shore, Auckland) got their first few BD.

Author's note by AceVPD, on 30-Apr-2008 12:45

tstone - let me guess...Superbad & Good Luck Chuck?  The places I rang around who only had a couple had these 2

Comment by Jack, on 15-May-2008 00:18

Hi, saw approx 50 different titles of Blu-ray movies at VIDEO EZY LYNFIELD, AUCKLAND

Comment by Timmy, on 29-Jun-2008 00:45

Civic Grey Lynn has 50-60 now and seem to be getting new ones each week

Comment by anj, on 1-Sep-2008 14:31

video ezy ti rakau drive have 20 or so blue-ray titles

Comment by Ry Ahn, on 9-Sep-2008 13:34

United Video in Tawa, Wellington has about 40 titles. Not bad for a weeny suburb! :) I haven't ventured further sorry...

Comment by dan, on 30-Oct-2008 23:52

Civic Video North Dunedin are getting in most new movies on Blu Ray they must have 50+ and they're the same price to hire as DVDs

Comment by Richie, on 22-Dec-2008 17:48

"Alive in Videoland" should be "Alice in Videoland"

Comment by euro, on 11-Feb-2009 01:11

Can't believe how USELESS video EZY in Ponsonby is! Here is a prime site and they have hardly any blu ray. went in to rent the batman movie and they told me it was stolen so they couldn't be bothered replacing it till the price came down! I'm gonna look elsewhere.

Author's note by AceVPD, on 11-Feb-2009 09:51

That's a bit slack. 

They were pretty on to it when DVD rentals were new in NZ

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