Video Ezy to roll out IPTV platform

, posted: 26-Apr-2008 23:16

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Video Ezy plan to roll out IPTV to their stores.  Sounds like you will have to go into a store, plug a USB device into a movie library kiosk, take it home & plug into one of their set top boxes.  Doesn't sound very good to me. Still having to go to the store, buying a set top box, how is that better than renting a disc besides not having to take it back? Come on, how about HD videos that I can download & watch on my PS3 or Vista Media Center HTPC.  I'm better off hooking up with Movieshack & getting Blu Ray discs delivered to mailbox.

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Comment by freitasm, on 27-Apr-2008 07:57

What a stupid plan, isn't it?

Author's note by AceVPD, on 27-Apr-2008 10:38

Yeah, unless I'm missing something. I suppose the biggest issue with using the internet to deliever the movies instead would be that most people have a limited amount they can download in a month.

Comment by TomAckroyd, on 28-Apr-2008 07:20

Tell you what though - I'm over rental DVD. 50% of discs I rent these days I have to clean before they play properly, and then half of those are still unplayable. I think customers practice frisbee with them and their dog.

So delivery on a USB stick is not a bad idea. (No to the STB though.)

Author's note by AceVPD, on 28-Apr-2008 10:14

Good point :) You are right, the set top box is the real killer, no one is going to want to pay for that.

Has anyone heard of anyone planning to do it over the internet in NZ? I think the only way for it to work would be if an ISP was going to do it (maybe in partnership with someone else) & not charge extra for the bandwidth. We are talking at least 4G for a decent quality 720P movie.

Comment by ZollyMonsta, on 28-Apr-2008 20:13

The reason for the STB will be for content protection. No doubt the movie files are encoded with DRM which can only be unencrypted by the STB.

Movie studios are very particular about content protection.

Comment by Southernman, on 29-Apr-2008 21:33

Back in the day, Orcon used to calculate their bandwidth at a 10:1 ratio for national:international. If you had a 5G international cap, you also got 50GB national traffic. They did away with this some time ago, but if NZ based ISP's brought something like this back into play, my 40GB international plan would give me more-than-enough national traffic to watch TV without ads, download decent (even it they are DRM'd) quality movies to watch instead of hunting through the shelves and finding one and only copy of Dune (original cut) with rasberry jam smeared all over it. That'd have to assume, however, that the site(s) serving said video was *actually* based in NZ and not international...

Author's note by AceVPD, on 30-Apr-2008 12:51

Now that would work, 400G of NZ traffic would be plenty

From what I hear the legit 'HD' stuff available in the States is only slightly better than DVD so hopefully that will improve.

Comment by Brendan McLeay, on 29-Jun-2008 15:42

Hey there Sky's on demand service, where subscribers can download video content from there site, have arranged with NZ ISP's to zero rate the data. Currently TelstraClear offers zero rating to its customers when using there game servers. More IPTV content like this is to come as ISP's like orcon who is owned is Kordia and TelstraClear both have IPTV in the pipeline. With this in mind they are more than likely to zero rate the data from these services.

Author's note by AceVPD, on 30-Jun-2008 11:55


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