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, posted: 9-Aug-2007 15:38

Hi all,

herewith my inaugural blog post.

Top of mind today for me is finding good ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) to connect my customer's Asterisk VoIP phone systems (and others) up to.

I use WorldxChange for my Linksys SPA9000 and Epygi Quadro systems, and they - WxC - are really quite good. But they are proving somewhat reticent to hook up Asterisk customers in Wellington.

I have some Asterisk customers using iTalk, but iTalk really aren't that good - a pretty much hit and miss service.

Today I heard of Compass offerring some VoIP services in Auckland.

For me the ideal ITSP is
1. reliable
2. properly sized - by which I mean they always have envough channels to the PSTN to provide connections
3. reasonably priced - has to be (much) cheaper than PSTN alternatives for both access and call charges
4. easy to deal with - both for account sign ups, and for technical assistance
5. Able to port numbers from Telecom & TeltraClear to them

I'd be keen to hear from people who know of "business class" ITSPs that offer SIP (or IAX) connections in the Wellington region.

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Comment by grant_k, on 9-Aug-2007 16:20

Hi Andrew,

It's good to see your blog and especially good to see another VoIP enthusiast on Geekzone.

Regarding the VoIP services to be offered by Compass, is there any info. online about this, or is it just word-of-mouth at present?


Comment by sbiddle, on 9-Aug-2007 17:21

Compass are tied up with the Vadaxchange guys at present, I spoke to them at the Small Business Expo when they were in Wellington a few weeks ago.

Author's note by AndrewTD, on 9-Aug-2007 18:02

Actually it was Igor from Vadacom that put me on to Compass when I was talking with him today.
kind regards Andrew TD

Author's note by AndrewTD, on 9-Aug-2007 18:04

Hi Grant,

thanks for that very quick response.
I checked Compass' website, and rang them up.
Right now they have a VoIP offering called SmartOffice, but it is presently only available to people that are in clear site of one of their radio masts - which doesn't include Wellington! Palmerston North is as close as they get.
When I spoke to them on the phone, they did say they were looking to expand, and allow connections from networks other than their wireless one. Not sure whether that means other Compass connections, or from any other network. They said they will have a sale person contact me regarding options for Wellington.
If they do contact me, I will post an update.

In my view, the best Internet connections available in Wellington are CityLink and TelstraClear's cable modem. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better value Internet connection offering anywhere in the country than those two.

kind regards Andrew TD

Comment by maverick, on 10-Aug-2007 15:10

Hi Andrew,

Funny you should post on this day as we are now looking to offer the Direct SIP connect service off Citylink and Telstra Clear cable, basically if it's not a DSL service and of a high quality we will look at it. Both of these apply in the Wellington Region, Min will still be 5 conncurnt calls and 10DDI's (10 DDI's has to be the Min or the routing tables have to be broken down in to single digits)

More info to follow, but happy to talk to you about it.

Phil Moore

Author's note by AndrewTD, on 10-Aug-2007 17:26

Thanks for that update Phil, it's a wonderful outcome from my point of view.

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