Second Post

, posted: 10-Aug-2007 14:22

I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of people that noticed my first post / blog entry, and have appreciated the comments that have been made.

My daughter was somewhat horrifed to hear that I had created a blog, primarily because I told her that she was mentioned in the profile! She relaxed a little when she saw that I had not said anything specific about her. She's accepted the fact that I'm basically a geek (albeit sans pocket protector) - and so me having a blog on geekzone, whilst not being something she would be happy to have her friends know about, is tolerable to her!

One thing I'm not sure about is whether general viewers of this blog are able to see the comments made on the first post. I have "moderated" them, and so they should be visible, but I'm not sure that they are.

I'd appreciate it if someone would let me know if they are visible, and if not, what I need to do to make them vsible.

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Comment by freitasm, on 10-Aug-2007 15:09

Hmmm. Yes, the comments are visible...

Comment by nairda, on 10-Aug-2007 15:45

Yes, they're visible.

Author's note by AndrewTD, on 10-Aug-2007 17:27

thanks for the feedback.

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