Building a NZ-tuned dialplan string for Linksys ATAs / IP phones

, posted: 20-Sep-2007 21:21

I have decided it's about time I put toghether a dialplan string for use on Linksys ATAs & IP phones that is as complete as possible re NZ numbers.
The idea here is that users of these devices should not have to dial a #, or press the "dial" soft key, or wait for the time out, to complete the dial string and have the call placed for most valid numbers.

I have searched, but have not yet found any complete examples for the NZ numbering plan.

Obviously there will be some variations for each local installation, like
is there a prefix to get an outside line i.e. do I need to dial a 1 or 9 to get an outside line, and
what are the local extensions on site i.e. 2 or 3 or more digits, in what range - say [34]X or 3XX etc

This is what I have come up with so far:


[2-9]xx xxxxS0
0[34679]xxx xxxxS0
0508 xxx xxxS0
0800 xxx xxxS0
0900 xx xxxS0
083 xxxS0

+ something for local extensions - i.e. [5-7]xS0

That's in a de-constructed layout - 1 rule per line - obviously it needs to be built into something like

I tried searching for the current NZ Numbering plan, but all links to the site (where it apparently lives) were down.

Does anyone know whether 0800 numbers in NZ are all 6 digits long, or are some of them 7 digits now? Same question for 0508 numbers. I think 0900 numbers are only 5 digits long - but maybe some are 6 digits?

All advice / contributions on this topic would be greatly appreciated.
With any luck we can post a couple of full strings for other people to reference / use.

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Comment by sbiddle, on 21-Sep-2007 07:50

Might pay to add something for the 015xxx number ranges used by compass and several other companies for their calling cards.

Author's note by AndrewTD, on 21-Sep-2007 11:23

Thanks Steve for that suggestion.

I did see that number range existed, but didn't think that people with VoIP systems (which by definition the intended users of this dialplan string are given that we are talking about a dialplan string on a Linksys ATA / IP phone) would normally want to make a call using a calling card.
It's certainly possible, but I wouldn't have thought they would be cheaper than the VoIP rates.

What do others think - would VoIP users i.e. people with accounts with the likes of WxC, iTalk, 2Talk etc - ever want to make a call using a calling card?

Some implementations of VoIP systems don't use VoIP at all externally, so I guess they could benefit from using a calling card. But surely it would be better for them just to use a VoIP / ITSP provider (instead of a calling card) if they wanted cheaper calls???

Mind you, if we are to make the "perfect" dialplan string, then we would need to include 015 XXX.

Comment by sbiddle, on 21-Sep-2007 13:08

The cost of the call isn't the issue. What about a busines environment where people aren't allowed to make toll calls? There may or may not not be any costs for a company in letting staff use a calling card (depending on the type of plan they're on) so IMHO you're far better off having a standardised dialplan.

Author's note by AndrewTD, on 21-Sep-2007 13:12

Good point Steve, I hadn't thought about the toll-bar situation.

Comment by destined, on 21-Sep-2007 13:44

0800 and 0508 numbers are all 6 digits each. 0900 numbers are 5 digits.

Author's note by AndrewTD, on 21-Sep-2007 14:14

Just had a thought re the 015 xxx entry.

I think that we can't know the length of the numbers after the 015 part, therefore there is no need to explicitly specify this rule in the dial plan.
I already have a "catch-all" rule at the end, of the form xxx. - which basically says, match any number 2 or more digits long.

The key thing here is for us to include a rule for each valid number pattern with a fixed length.

Comment by sbiddle, on 21-Sep-2007 16:58

Just in regards to the NAD numbering plan - m-co are no longer responsible for the NAD which is probably why it's not on their site any longer.

Author's note by AndrewTD, on 21-Sep-2007 17:21

Thanks for that Steve.

Can mere mortals access/view the number plan these days? If so does anyone know where?

All I want to see is the list of valid/reserved numbers in the NZ numbering plan. I assume this evolves over time as new carriers come along etc.

Comment by sbiddle, on 21-Sep-2007 17:25

I just had a look around and see m-co still have the stuff on their site

Comment by DribblingBadger, on 21-Nov-2007 15:36

I do have a copy of the NZ numbering plan that I use for configuring commercial PBX's if anyone wants a copy ?

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