Sending an MMS Message From My Web App

, posted: 15-May-2007 14:44

All I want to be able to do is send an MMS message from our linux application. I have looked at all sorts of options, some being:

- Mbuni (Linux)
- NowSMS (Windows)
- MMSClient (Linux)
- Gnokii (Linux)

Combined with that, I am trying to work out what GPRS modem to use. The Vodem does not support linux although I have found this reference for getting it to work on Ubuntu ... which looks promising I guess. I have also found these ..., which are available from the local company Glyn High Tech Distributions.

It would be nice if I could do this with MMSClient and one of the modules from Telit as I can then organise this in my client application. If I use MBuni for example then I will need to host an MBuni server which my application will then work through.

Still progressing this ....

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Comment by barf, on 15-May-2007 14:55

most GSM/GPRS/3G modems that I've seen use a RS-232 or usb-serial connection to the computer and support the ETSI GSM AT command set which is documented here:

Author's note by AzureBell, on 15-May-2007 15:08

Yes, true so therefore the communication to them all is pretty standard. Some one on the forums said that possibly the Vodem does not implement the full ATA standard and therefore MMS may not be possible.

Comment by Bwooce, on 15-May-2007 18:56

Um, fundamentally sending an MMS is a data session thing. Not an SMS thing (receipt is another matter, a special SMS is the trigger for this). So you should be able to set up a data session using the MMS profile, but then you'll need an app to send the MM1 (? I forget) commands within the data session.

So you'll need the AT commands to start the session correctly, but beyond that you'll want to use an app or look at a different 3GPP spec for the MM1 (again, check) interface details.

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