Dreambox SCART Connector for Component

, posted: 8-Jan-2008 09:31

I have had various questions about the SCART Connector on the Dreambox.

The SCART supports (from what I have tested) Composite and Component, however in theory it also supports S-Video (as per what you can configure in the On Screen Display setup).

For a SCART to Component connection I recommend buying a JayCar WQ7255 which at $48 seems not such a bad price (I don't work for Jaycar nor do I have shares in them, just a cheap place to go and get a cable that works IMHO).

The wiring that you should look for is shown below, the three connectors in the middle of the right hand side of the SCART connector are the component out, the two down the bottom are the Left & Right Audio.

Once you have the right cable go into the AV Setup under Setup -> System Settings and set the Colour Format to "YPbPr" for Component instead of "RGB" or "CBVS" for Composite.

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