Daylight Savings in NZ

, posted: 2-Apr-2008 20:23

One thing you Kiwi's may be having is the DST Start & Stop times in all the Dreambox images (PLi & Gemini) are not correct, so you need a correct Timezone file.

I have posted a entry on the PLi site about this here:

You need to download the zoneinfo.tgz, extract out the file "Auckland" and rename it to "localtime" then ftp it to /var/etc which is where the localtime with incorrect DST start and stop times is at.  Then reboot your box by telneting to the box and typing reboot.

Then you should be done and the timezone should be fine!.

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Comment by allstarnz, on 2-Apr-2008 22:56

nice and easy, thanks!!!

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