LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT - pick up a half price bargain today at DSE

, posted: 14-Aug-2007 16:15

Hi everyone,

Atlast here is my first proper entry in my Geekzone Blog!

First a quick introduction:

I live in Auckland, NZ and I work for a software company in the banking sector. For entertainment, I am into robotics in a big way - My children and I spend a lot of our spare time designing and building robots with LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT.

I am also one of the 30 people from around the world selected by LEGO as an MCP (MINDSTORMS Community Partner). As a LEGO MINDSTORMS MCP, I have direct link to LEGO MINDSTORMS team in USA and Denmark and have access to exclusive information on LEGO robotics that I love to share with the Geekzone users from time to time. And if you have any technical queries on programming the NXT or getting the MINDSTORMS robot to do what you want it to do I might be able to help. I can also help you with linking up the NXT to all sorts of cool sensors and hardware including Windows Mobile via Blue tooth.
Mindstorms Retail box
You can find out from the official LEGO MINDSTORMS web site.

Where can I get one?
You can buy one at your favourite toy store that sells TECHNIC and MINDSTORMS stuff. This include:
- Dick Smiths
- IQToys
- Toys 'R' fun

However, if you want a bargain (just for today), the best place to get one is from Dicksmiths Electronics - as they are having a sale. I understand the specials ends today. Ring your local Dicksmiths or visit the Dick Smiths MINDSTORMS page. At the time I posted this, they still had a few left in few of their stores.Remember the sale ends today!! Good luck!!!

If you missed out on the above offer - you can always get it from my store


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Comment by Aloha, on 14-Aug-2007 16:50

What about a special Geekzone discount?

Author's note by BlueToothKiwi, on 14-Aug-2007 17:16

Hi Aloha,
I posted the info about today's specials for information only. I dont work for DSE nor am I afiliated with Dick Smiths Electronics in any way.


Comment by centaurianz, on 14-Aug-2007 18:03

Discounts on gaming consoles too! Sweet!

Comment by paradoxsm, on 14-Aug-2007 19:06

The idiots at the local store said all the specials ended on sunday when I was in there looking at the Macs. I was going to buy a PSP for Emulators, a Robosapien and some Mindstorms stuff and get piles of those 14c photo's printed.

Of course I had stupidly left my EFTPOS card at home, How we totally rely on technology lesson comes to mind. Oh well, maybe next time.

Comment by Pete, on 17-Aug-2007 13:21

Hey Tim

Aside from DSE, where locally can I buy mindstorms / technics from? I've looked at your amazon store - are the prices in USD / shipping etc from the states?


Author's note by BlueToothKiwi, on 17-Aug-2007 13:51


MINDSTORMS is hard to get right now. At this moment in time they are all out of stock (I was trying to get one for another Geekzone user).

I rang Lego NZ - they told me the next shipment is in October.

I will see what I can find out ASAP.

In the mean time the affiliate shop on the right --- > is same as ordering it from (same price) - but I get a tiny commission from the sale, if you click through from the link here.
The prices are in US$.  And the shipping is for shipping from USA.


Comment by Pete, on 17-Aug-2007 13:54

Thanks Tim - I'll check them all out.


Comment by Stef, on 28-Jul-2012 15:46

Hi Tim are you still in Mindstorms ? do you think it's still an interesting product ? I live in Auckland btw, my interest is to have a robot to watch my garden... looking forward to your answer regards S.

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New Zealand

I am a project manager / consultant that specialises in implementing cloud computing and Customer Relationship Management Systems. I also develop applications and especially interested in Smart tablet interfaces and Clouds.

I live in Auckland with my partner and four children. For fun, I am into robotics - My children and I spend a lot of time building robots with LEGO MINDSTORMS. I am also one of the 30 people from around the world selected by LEGO as an MCP (Mindstorms Community Partner).

My other interests include mobile devices and mountain-biking.