Atlast!! A new Geekzone forum for Robotics and LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT !!

, posted: 17-Aug-2007 13:04

Avid Geekzone forum users would have noticed that there is a new forum in Geekzone.

It has just been created and it is currently empty!

LEGO MINDSTORMS has been one of the geekiest and coolest toys many adults (and teenagers) have been playing with since its introduction late last year. The microprocessor (NXT) is so easy to integrate with – whether it is via USB or Blue tooth. Robots are so easy to build using the LEGO TECHNIC bits it comes with – whether it is a humanoid that moves with two legs, an animatronics robot, or a vehicle. It comes with three servo motors, and heaps of gears and stuff. It also comes with some cool sensors – an ultra sonic sensor / sound sensor / light sensor / touch sensor etc. You can also buy new compass sensor, infra-red sensor, colour sensor and gyro sensor made by HiTechnic and sold by LEGO. There will be more sensor coming soon - which I can’t talk about yet. Please keep checking this blogs in coming months for more information on cool emerging sensors.

Why not use the new forum to tell us about your experience with the MINDSTORMS NXT? What is your coolest robot creation? What is the hardest thing that you ever had to do with the NXT? Have you tried to control the robot using your mobile phone / Windows Mobile using Bluetooth?

We love to hear from you!


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Comment by paradoxsm, on 17-Aug-2007 18:21

Ooooh! Super.... I'm currently having a good ol play myself, I have picaxes to burn at presesnt too.

I was gutted I missed out on the DSE 50% special as I had been waiting for something like that for mindstorms for quite some time, argh....

Author's note by BlueToothKiwi, on 17-Aug-2007 19:22

[paradoxsm:] I was gutted I missed out on the DSE 50% special as I had been waiting for something like that for mindstorms for quite some time, argh....

Yeah. Sorry I did not post the DSE deal earlier. I only found out myself on the day before I posted it


Comment by Antoine, on 10-Jul-2009 05:03


I'm going to have a mobile phone and I've got a Mindstorm NXT, then I've had the idea to control my NXT brick with my future mobile phone, but the mobile applications on the NXT website are for mobile phones which are too old to find them on the market. So, can you tell me if I will can control my NXT and with which mobile phone and if I can find the application for this mobile ? I know that my explication isn't really precise but you are the only person I have found to help me...

Thank you for reading and please answer me

Antoine(from France)

Author's note by BlueToothKiwi, on 10-Jul-2009 07:39

Hey Anton,
LEGO has no plans to update the Mobile phone Application -but it should work on most mobiles - even the ones not listed [It works on brand new Nokia N series and E series for example - though it wont occupie the whole screen.
Next month a new version of NXT (NXT2) will ship with a built in remote application that allows you to control your robot from your laptop using bluetooth.

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