Robotized bulldozer

, posted: 26-Sep-2007 14:28

What do you get when you cross a LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT with the new LEGO® TECHNIC 8275 bulldozer that has just hit the market?

This is it!!

It is a totally autonomous robotic bulldozer! The PF motors are totally controlled by the NXT via infrared signals.

The new HiTechnic 'Infrared Link' (or IR-Link) sensor adds the Infrared communication capability to the MINDSTORMS NXT.

You can see it scanning the environment with the Ultrasonic sensors and then flattening anything in its path using the Ripper and the blade .. checkout the following video :

More information

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What on earth is this?

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 26-Sep-2007 20:04

Very nice, I love the way it "looks around"

I have been playing continuously with something called "garrys mod" for the Half life 2 game which is physics real robots and things that "work" you can get very advanced with a "Wire mod" which allows full programming.

I'm hoping to build "nxt" components into it. Saves the mess of doing it first time in real life.

You can also obtain a pack for it called garrys bots which i'm doing tonight. apparently it's just like a virtual robot wars!

What I do want to build is more modules for the NXT system myself using picaxes, then it can really shine.

Comment by KiwiOverseas66, on 27-Sep-2007 20:27

oh....this is just too cool.  I have to get one of these......

Comment by ccjuang2000, on 1-Oct-2007 01:51


how do you get the ir-link sensor? I can't find the sensor from hi-technic webpage.

Comment by kaveh, on 27-Nov-2007 07:02

Nice job

i would like to know how you communicate with bulldozer ir receivers.

I'm building a new robot with 2 RCX and bulldozer kit so i need ir codes to communicate with bulldozer ir receivers

Author's note by BlueToothKiwi, on 14-Dec-2007 13:39


You need an IR-Link from HiiTechnic

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