Helen Clarke, Fireworks ban and how robots will save the day

, posted: 7-Nov-2007 21:54

If you been following the news during the last couple of days, you would have heard Helen Clark's warning that this year could be the last for fireworks at home. Yesterday Ms Clarke also complained about not being able to sleep in her home in the Auckland suburb of Mt Eden - where she has likened the noise to war-torn Afghanistan.

So - I been working hard on Guy Fawkes day to come up with a solution: This is the autonomous robot so Helen Clarke can sleep at night again without having to worry about fireworks maiming, injuring and killing the person igniting fireworks.

Using a few LEGO pieces this robot creation would eliminate the need for family members to go close to the fireworks to light it: This autonomous NXT robot will light multiple fireworks in a sequence - while the family sits back and watch the display!!

It uses LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, two NXT light sensors (one for navigation and other to detect when the fuse is lit so it can clear away from the fireworks). It also has an Ultrasonic detector (to adjust the torch arm height depending on the height of the fireworks fuse wire). It uses three motors - two for motion and the third to control the height of the torch arm.


Comment by paradoxsm, on 7-Nov-2007 23:18

BURNT lego! Burnt light sensor leds!

VERY cool though! we used nichrome wire at a distance, the kids loved the "press a large red button to ignite" appeal.

Comment by tonyhughes, on 7-Nov-2007 23:42

hehehe cool blog post - keep em up!

Author's note by BlueToothKiwi, on 8-Nov-2007 05:53

Thank you Tony and Anton for your kind words.


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