New Zealand YouTube Channel - and what difference it makes to videos posted from NZ

, posted: 9-Nov-2007 07:33

You might have read about the new New Zealand channel for YouTube a couple of weeks ago in Geekzone.

Yesterday, I posted my first video since the channel launch. I was trying to figure out the value proposition of a new localised channel - both for the publisher of video content and for the consumer. I am still not sure if I get it from the point of view of the consumer of the content .

However, as a publisher, the difference is  pretty easy to spot:


Within 24 hours of publishing the video, I see my video has 23 honours (including four #1 placements in various categories) !! I never used to get any placement in any honour list before the localisation.

Although it is nice - it makes me realize a few things about NZ Youtube content publishers.

What do you think? - Are you using the localised page or the normal global one? Have you found any difference to the page views you get after the  localisation of your videos you posted?


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