Sumo Robot Contest [Including How To Videos]

, posted: 14-Dec-2007 13:02

As you wind down this Friday afternoon and thinking what to do over the weekend.... Have you ever considered building a robot and entering a Sumo robot contest? It is a great fun for both adults and children.

Robot sumo is one of the fastest growing sports around. Now if you own a LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT, you can join in as well:

The rules are simple - you need to build an autonomous robot that will fight with another robot. The objective is to push the opponent out of the ring or somehow disable the opponent by flipping or toppling him/her in the ring.

Well the nice folks at LEGO NXTLOG team together with some robotic enthusiasts from around the world has come up with a great idea: They are running a building challenge where MINDSTORMS NXT owners can design and submit a LEGO Sumo robot that could actually compete in a LEGO Sumo match.

And here is a twist: A panel of MINDSTORMS experts will build a select number of finalists. The finalist robots will compete in an exclusive LEGO Sumo match run by the MINDSTORMS experts. The NXT Sumo robot that wins the most rounds in the match will be declared the winner of the MINDSTORMS NXT Sumo Competition.

Unfortunately the deadline is this weekend. If you want to know the details of the Rules – here it is: Sumo Rules

To get started I have got some great guides:

(1) How to make a Sumo robot:
Checkout my guide in the LEGO web site that walks you through the five steps in creating your own Sumo robot

Building a Sumo robot

(2) How to make a Sumo ring Checkout my guide on how to build a simple Sumo ring so you can test your robot at home.

Building a Sumo Ring

(3) How to submit your entry

You got until Sunday morning NZ time to enter your robot.

Submitting your entry
If you are interested in setting up a local Sumo event in New Zealand, checkout this thread
If you want some inspiration, here is a fantastic video I did of Sumo robots that me and my children built fighting against each other. Are you up for it?


More information

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What on earth is this?

Comment by Tony Fendall, on 31-Jul-2008 21:30

How can I get my hands on a Lego Mindstorms NXT kit?

You have a link to amazon on this blog, but Amazon wont ship them out to New Zealand. As far as I can tell, there are no retailers in New Zealand that are currently stocking Lego Mindstorms kits.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really want to start building some robots, but I can't seem to get past the first step >.

Author's note by BlueToothKiwi, on 1-Aug-2008 11:58

Have you tried ToyWorld

Comment by Tony Fendall, on 1-Aug-2008 23:29

I visited 2 ToyWorld stores, but neither of them had a set available. A manager at one store told me that Lego haven't bought any sets into the country for quite a while, and the next batch would not be arriving until October.

I think the only way to get one is through the ebay website.

Author's note by BlueToothKiwi, on 2-Aug-2008 11:02

Hi Tony,

I am sorry you are having problems getting one... I rang three of the bigger Toy World shops this morning - and they all have got them in stock:

St Lukes: x2     Phone 8151033
Silvia Park: x1     Phone: 579 8697
Manakau: x1  Phone:  262 3800 I have not tried the others - but good luck any way.

Comment by Max, on 4-Jul-2014 11:52

Hello Bluetoothkiwi, I was just wondering if you could tell me the instruction for the wheels in "the ugly". I have been having a hard time with the gears. Thanks

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