New iPhone announced - but Not for preorder in New Zealand until 28th October

, posted: 5-Oct-2011 07:59

I Went online early to catch the news regarding the new iPhone and iOS:

I like the new (US) price-points of the new Apple iPhone 4S.

[The comparison of the old iPhone vs the new one courtesy of Verge].

The iPhone will probably sell for around $600 (my guess) in New Zealand. Unfortunately pre-orders wont be available from Apple to start off with in New Zealand. However, the company will begin accepting pre-orders on October 7 for buyers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Japan the week after. I wonder if one of the carriers will sell it earlier here in NZ (In the past it has been just Vodafone - but this exclusivity is unlikely to continue).

The new iPhone is also a proper world phone - so it will work with both CDMA and GSM. It has the same A5 [Edited - Thanks Chiefie] chip as my iPad 2 and a 8Mega pixel camera and extra GPS features (and hence apps that take advantage of it).

The main thing I am looking forward to playing with is the Siri personal assistant (only available in the new iPhone) as well as the new revamped MobileMe - the iCloud. I been playing with iCloud Beta already with the new operating system on the iPhone - the iOS 5 Beta - and there will be lots of new applications that will leverage it - and the days of you syncing your iPhone with your PC or Mac via iTunes becomes less and less important when you got a cloud storage that is accessible everywhere and sync'ed with all your devices (assuming you also have an iPad).

What if you got an old iPhone? Apple has made the new iOS free for existing iPhone (and iPad users) and be available for download next week. Or if you are registered for the Beta - you can download the Gold master (GM) version of IOS 5 later today [I tried it and the Apple site said "We will be back soon" when I tried it.  (Edit: The GM version is now downloadable for registered developers]. 

The Pre-orders for New Zealand will start on the 28th October.

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Comment by chiefie, on 5-Oct-2011 08:46

I5 or A5 chip?

Author's note by BlueToothKiwi, on 5-Oct-2011 08:58

Yeah it is the Dual core A5 chip, Chiefie. [I have corrected the typo above]

Most parts of the Apple web site is down at the moment - but hopefully the refresh will finish soon.

Author's note by BlueToothKiwi, on 5-Oct-2011 09:29

The Apple web site seems OK now. I just downloaded the new Gold Master version of the IOS 5 firmware from the Dev site (for both iPad's and iPhones).

Comment by SteveON, on 5-Oct-2011 09:33

What a lame upgrade... They could have worked on a better battery. I was hoping a re-design. I am sick of my youtube stopping via wifi/3G and the constant loss of wifi when I am holding my phone.

Author's note by BlueToothKiwi, on 5-Oct-2011 09:48

Yes Steve,
You are not the only one - judging by the Apple stock price fall this morning. What do you do when the blogging community hypes up the whole market for a new iPhone5 and we get something that does not quiet meet the expectation!

With regards to your issues with Youtube - Aparently they have worked on the Wifi / 3G and data issue with the new design - and hopefully you wont have that issue. 

Checkout this BBC story: 

Comment by Ashleigh, on 5-Oct-2011 10:28

hold there a reason the NZ Apple website doesn't have the Siri feature included in the specs (whereas the US and Australian one does?!) Suspicious....

Author's note by BlueToothKiwi, on 5-Oct-2011 10:49


The iPhone on the local Apple store is not the iPhone 4S - but it is a new iPhone 4 (but with the latest IOS / firmware).

The Siri is still a Beta. It is localised for a few countries including Australia - but not NZ. I will try it out as soon as I can and see how well it works for NZ. 

Comment by Glenn, on 5-Oct-2011 12:09

Ashleigh/BlueToothKiwi, See here: Siri isn't noted on the Apple Canada web site either, but apparently it still works. I imagine the same will be true here, then.

Comment by ccccccccc, on 5-Oct-2011 14:36

Hi, Where did you get the preorder date of 28 October for NZ from? I can't see it anywhere on Apple's NZ website. Thanks!

Comment by Rho, on 7-Oct-2011 14:04

How do you know it will be available for pre-order on 28th October for NZ ?

Comment by Alexander, on 8-Oct-2011 15:11

I'd also like to enquire where you heard about the 28 October pre-order date from? Thanks!

Comment by Richard2011, on 9-Oct-2011 16:04

I too was surprised by this rather lame announcement from Apple, all they have really done is release a model that barely keeps up with my Samsung GS2. In fact, the Samsung beats the iPhone 4S in a number of areas, check out this link:

Don't get me wrong, Apple do make very good products, there is no denying that, but this device falls short of what the general geek community were hoping for, dramatically short in fact.

Furthermore, the new Android HD devices coming out in the next month, to six weeks will make Apple's "latest & greatest" look very much outdated & as a result, this will only see Apple's marketshare fall even further.

That's not what we have come to expect from Apple & as a result Android will only increase it's Smartphone OS domination.

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