Thank you, Paper Plus Parnell - the most honest shop I know

, posted: 11-Dec-2012 17:25

Sometimes a small act can restore so much faith in humanity. I had one of those experience today after I lost my iPhone 5 last night in Parnell. Please see my post in the forum from early today. 

Thank you to Paper Plus in Parnell for reuniting me with my iPhone 5.

If you are driving back from work, drop in at Paper Plus. they got a 25% off EVERYTHING sale. They are open till 9:00PM tonight. Go and talk to William the store owner. We need more people like him in this planet to make this a better place.

Thanks William for your honesty and returning my iPhone. It had some very precious photos that was not backed up in iCloud and I am very grateful that I got it back.

If you got iPhone 5, (and if you have not done so already) turn on Find iPhone app and set it up. It will save your a$$ one day.

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Comment by clicknz, on 12-Dec-2012 08:45

Great to hear that you were reunited with your iPhone. Any more details...? Had it run out of power? Was the finder able to use a lightning connector to juice it up and find your contact info? Any tips on locating wandering iPhones...? Cheers

Comment by Bung, on 12-Dec-2012 08:56

Why leave your earlier forum post hanging?

Comment by muppet, on 12-Dec-2012 09:22

Good to hear. Nice work William.

Author's note by BlueToothKiwi, on 14-Dec-2012 16:37

Thanks  for the reminder Bung. 

updated the forum post


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