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, posted: 14-Mar-2006 19:43

Ok I'm now finding it a bit hard to maintain two blogs, but I'll try to keep it up :-) As for now I have a couple of ideas on features I'd like to see in Geekzone blogs. I know Mauricio and the team are busy with getting the Comments sorted out ... but here are my thoughts anyway. - It would be nice to be able to toggle between an HTML view and a Text view rather than having HTML and txt in the same pane. - It would be good to be able to customise the l&f of the blog. Perhaps the ability to select from some predefined templates, being able to change background colours ...etc - Ability to cross post from another blog into this blog too would be cool (it will make it easy to maintain two blogs ;-) ) - Would also be nice to be able to display a blogroll list + links ...etc

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Comment by freitasm, on 14-Mar-2006 20:01

Some goog stuff there... I will try and post some of the ideas we have: - HTML view/Text: I guess you are talking about the blog entry page? If yes, then don't worry I am looking into it. Have been working in the last couple of days on this. - Customise blog: After this beta is concluded we have plans to allow customisation. The CSS is quite simple and should be easy to allow people to upload their own versions. - If you have a good tool or API I am happy to have a look. Currently we are thinking on Blogger API for client posting, not sure if it contemplates this. - Blogroll, lists etc are all implemented in the lists. Check my own blog at and you will see some types (Profile, Google AdLink, Amazon, Last Geekzone Blog posts, free [which is a textarea for any HTML you want] and URL [ideal for a blogrool]).

Author's note by DanDotNet, on 14-Mar-2006 20:27

Yes,I am talking about the blog entry page. Not sure about a good tool/api, but if I come accross anything intersting I'll let you know. As for the last part - the blog roll - remembered that it was there after I posted about it saying I'd like to see it :-) (my bad here ;-) )

Comment by freitasm, on 17-Mar-2006 12:55

Check this post: We now have a rich text (HTML) editor for the textarea...

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