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Security in Windows Vista

, posted: 20-May-2006 10:14

This week I went to the Microsoft Connect Event here in Christchurch and overall it was a great day with lots of information on new things. I learnt quite a bit from all sessions I attended.

Among those was the Windows Vista session that talked a lot about security which of course is an ideal thing for me to talk about here :-)

The two things that really got my attention are the introduction of User Account Control (UAC) and BitLocker Drive Encryption (BDE) These are two very interesting additions.

"BitLocker Drive Encryption is an integral new security feature in the Windows Vista operating system that provides considerable off-line data and operating system protection for your computer. BitLocker ensures that data stored on a computer running Windows Vista is not revealed if the computer is tampered with when the installed operating system is offline."

The other very useful thing is the UAC this feature lets you run as a low profile user even when running as an administrator and hence improves your pc security by disallowing direct access to processes that need Administrator privileges. So if you are running as Admin it will give you access to general stuff straight away but if you try to do something such as deleting a file or so from a place like the Windows Directory it will prompt you to ask for permission do execute this action. Now given that so many users run as Admins on their machines. This feature is very useful. You can also find out more about UAC from their team blog

Update: Here is a summary of the new security improvements in Vista and here is a resource for applications in a Least Privileged environment.

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Comment by chiefie, on 20-May-2006 11:37

Hey, I was at the Connect too. :-D Before Connect 06, I heard and read a lot about UAC being annoying and nagging. However, Nathan told me that with the next beta 2 coming out, they have fine the sweet balance for UAC as far as the owner of the files. So no longer you will be nagged about deleting or empty your recycle bin when you are the actual or only owner of the objects.

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