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The TV cabinet

, posted: 7-Apr-2014 21:29

I Have been wanting to get my TV mounted on the wall in the lounge for quite a while, and have slowly accumulated all the bits and bobs to set it in motion. So what have I done so far?
  1. I have a wall mount mounted on the wall, and the attachment on the back of the TV (although it still sits on its base across the room)
  2. The flush boxes for power, cat 6 ethernet, and coax are in place (although the cables need to be run)
  3. ...

Yes, step 3. build a wall mounted tv cabinet.
My plan is to use some old internal doors from when we fixed up the bathroom as a base for a DIY Ikea Expedit style cabinet.
I have sourced some aluminium french cleats that are used with hanging heavy artwork, two side by side should do for a fully laiden cabinet + three cats (max load)

I have measured how high a DVD/Blu-ray case is and added some fudge height to that as an internal measurement. Using our PS3 as a bit of a depth gauge, with more fudge depth added on.

A bit of a mock up with some black vivid on newspaper has a good height off the ground when sitting on the couch.

Next step (3.2 we'll call it) take the doors to school and cut them up, glue them up, bit of a sand, then home for a paint

TV Cabinet project
NB: Only wonky in this image, not in real life

TV Cabinet project
The front, in primer red

TV Cabinet project
The back showing routed space for french cleats (It will be hung horizontal - despite what the photos suggest) and the hollow cell of the door frame

TV Cabinet project
Next to the bookshelf that inspired this design

May Update
Several coats of paint later - plus a hole cut for cables coming from the top of the cabinet
2nd coat on the TV cabinet

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Comment by Jaxson, on 8-Apr-2014 12:22

Remember some ventilation.

Comment by DarthKermit, on 8-Apr-2014 18:53

Got any pics of your work?

Comment by Satch, on 9-Apr-2014 12:20

How are you going to power the TV?  I've been told by an installer that it is now illegal to run power cables/extension leads etc through walls and a power point on the wall behind the TV with RCD needs to be installed.  Without it your insurance cover will be void.  Something to check out before it is too late.

Author's note by Dav4122, on 9-Apr-2014 17:58

@Jaxson the front will be open so no need for ventilation - I will have a small cable pocket/hole through the top though so that may help with any heat trapped behind the DVDs

@Satch great minds think alike, I will have the top recessed point as power so it wont go through the wall. The hdmi and ethernet will travel down to the lower recessed point - I really need a third though so I can add more powerpoints. I just have to find one that can fit more than a single jackpoint though.

Comment by Porboynz, on 16-Apr-2014 19:24

Those recessed mounts are ridiculously priced, I installed 2 behind a 55inch wall mounted TV.  One for the power and the other has an RJ45 and  F connector for the antenna.  Then I went completely crazy and ran 4 x HDMI cables, a VGA cable, Composite video and audio, Toslink digital audio and a USB extension cable.  I moved the Sky decoder, Tivo, Playstation and DVD/Amp into a closed cabinet about 1.5 metres away.  Next was an IR extender to beam the IR into the closed cabinet.  Then I discovered how hot it was inside the closed cabinet when the Sky decoder switched itself off. (These things put out a silly amount of heat, an eco low power version is long overdue Mr SkyTV.) I mounted a 200mm 12V chassis fan in the rear of the cabinet and away we went, minimalist look at last without auto power down function.  Getting all those cables into the wall required open heart surgery, I cut the gib open then re-gibbed and wall papered.  I settled with raw flush box holes in the gib and ran the cables through without another recessed fitting, its an internal wall and hidden behind the TV and the wall cabinet so no biggy.

Your Ikea inspired shelf looks great, hard to get an idea of the measurements though.  I like the idea of it just being suspended from the wall without visible brackets, looking forward to a completion photo.

Author's note by Dav4122, on 16-Apr-2014 20:08

Measurements for the cabinet are
120cm long
29cm high
43cm deep
Sides are all 4cm thick (because that's how thick doors are)

It will be open at the front

Will try to paint it this Easter and gret some pictures of that added

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