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Keyboard + Ants + Fly Spray + Water = :(

By  , in , posted: 28-Mar-2007 15:00

Genius Idea 1:

Well I have one of those shiny, clear apple keyboards. But yesterday it was full of ants (stupid bugs..)...so before thinking about it, i pull out the fly spray and nuke them all. It turns out that that wasn't the best of ideas, now i have a keyboard covered in flyspray with 100's or corpses inside.

Genius Idea 2: Pull out all the keys and wash them

So I pull out all the keys, and put them in a sink full of water. After cleaning and drying them (or so I thought..) I put them all back on, plug in the keyboard and prepare to type. But yes, you guessed it, nothing happened.

So then I thought about it for a bit, pulled out a key and looked under it. I had completely missed drying inside the little cylinders under the keys. So, I take off every key and dry them off. Put them back in and BLAMMO! Nothing worked.

So then I go a step further, I open up the back of the keyboard (there are like 40 tiny screws to undo), pull it apart and nearly break a ribbon connector in the process (I HATE ribbon connectors..) Now im confronted with over 100 half spheres and multiple layers of clear pcb. Inbetween the clear layers, there is water...so i clean all the water up and plug it in...IT WORKED!

So i spend the next 45 minutes trying to get the damn thing back together (lining up everything..putting all the keys back etc etc...) and once its all back together, i see a little LED sitting next to it. It was the caps lock LED.

I left putting that back until this afternoon, and it was a mission. It just sits on these +ve and -ve markers, and then you have to try and align the rest of the board so it doesn't fall over..an hour and a half later...it was on.

Now my keyboard is working fine..except i broke part of my space bar and v key...


(Edit: Added Photo)

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Comment by juha, on 28-Mar-2007 18:12

This blog post is missing pictures... and a podcast of you swearing while reassembling the keyboard.

Author's note by Fossie, on 28-Mar-2007 18:56

There is no way im opening this stupid thing up again, I may have to kill someone if I ever need to go into it again.

Comment by rscole86, on 28-Mar-2007 18:58

Blood has been known for its ability at working wonders with keyboards.

Comment by aikosmom, on 20-Apr-2007 20:33

Silly question ... don't keyboards go for .. duh .. like .. 5 bucks? Used.

Did that thought makes its way into your cleaning room?

written with love

Author's note by Fossie, on 20-Apr-2007 20:46

Not these shiny Apple keyboards :P
$59.95 NZ New

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