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This, Is a camera

By  , in , posted: 28-Mar-2007 20:52


This is a camera, a kodak easyshare cx7300 to be exact (why on earth would anyone in their right mind buy one?) and as the more observant of you can see, its having a swim.

One of my friends (YES I HAVE FRIENDS) dropped it into the sea, so I elected to try and fix it. First off I opened it up, and cleaned everything up, hoping to clean out all the evil salt. I mustn't have done a good enough job, because the capacitor...started...to....make a high pitched squeal.

So the camera swim is my second attempt...Ill fill you in.

(I use a Canon EOS350D myself)

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Comment by juha, on 28-Mar-2007 22:56

The CX7300 isn't too bad for quick snaps I have to say... not after a dip in the ocean though.

Comment by philcollins, on 30-Mar-2007 03:20

The Kodak easyshare cx7300 camera would be attractive to users that want a camera that is capabale of taking an acceptable picture but is transportable to carry round. The Canon 350 D is a nice entry level SLR Camera but by the time you load it into a Camera Bag, pack your different lenses, spare batterys, spare micro drives and flash gun etc etc you need a pack horse to carry it about or be going to the gym each day and work out.


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