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3 Joost Invites!

By  , in , posted: 4-Apr-2007 07:42

If you want a joost invite, leave a message here and I'll pick 3 of you.

[Update I have 5 to give away now!]

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Comment by Mark Wilcox, on 4-Apr-2007 07:52

Yes please!

Mark Wilcox

http://www.black-magic.co.nz - NZ Film News

Comment by Mpmx, on 4-Apr-2007 07:54


Comment by Jeroen, on 4-Apr-2007 08:04

Thanks! :)

Comment by Daren, on 4-Apr-2007 08:06

Former kiwi living in Minnesota...would love a joost invite if you still have one to spare! Thanks.

Comment by NokiaRocks, on 4-Apr-2007 08:40

Me please

Comment by Daniel, on 4-Apr-2007 08:54

If you have any Joost invites left, I would be incredibly indebted to you if I given one.

Comment by dm2000, on 4-Apr-2007 08:58

send me one

Comment by cranz, on 4-Apr-2007 09:11

I'll take a spare please :)

Comment by David R. Zollinger, on 4-Apr-2007 09:57

Hey, thanks for the invites. I've been meaning to get into this social revolution for some time now, but have been a bit busy. Thanks if you have invites left.


Comment by Jerod Mills, on 4-Apr-2007 11:01

I would absolutely love a Joost invite!!!! Your site is awesome!!!!!!!!

Comment by Jordan Lubbner, on 4-Apr-2007 11:25

This just sounds really cool. May I try it out? admin@pcproductions.biz

Comment by Charles, on 4-Apr-2007 11:28

i would like to have one invite please.



Comment by Ali, on 4-Apr-2007 12:27

Hey Asher,

I would love a joost invite!


Ps. I saw all your April Fools links and here was one I found on Sunday that I thought was particularly funny. http://lifehacker.com/software/health/video-demonstration-how-to-deal-with-seasonal-depression-248691.php

Comment by Gigs, on 4-Apr-2007 12:28

Sure would love to check it out Fossie :)

Author's note by Fossie, on 4-Apr-2007 12:53

1 left!
Hope you like it;
and Nokia!

Comment by david richardson, on 4-Apr-2007 14:10

Hook me up dawg.

Comment by david richardson, on 4-Apr-2007 14:11

Hook me up dawg.

Comment by Mark Heinrichs, on 4-Apr-2007 16:05

Hello, I would love a chance to test out Joost... I'm a huge fan and user of skype which has saved me so much on long distance and now free T.V... If you can spare a key I would appreciate it a bunch... Thank you...

Comment by Sinn, on 4-Apr-2007 16:39

mmm this thing sounds interesting, if you have a spare one that would be nice.


Comment by Dave, on 4-Apr-2007 16:41

Please send me an invitation to JOOST! I have been trying forever with no luck. I will even let you pick the e-mail addresses to send my invites to.

Comment by Aloha, on 4-Apr-2007 16:45

You will give me the last one.. (I am trying to use the Jedi mind trick)

Author's note by Fossie, on 4-Apr-2007 19:07

Ill give it away in 24 hours.

Comment by tcat, on 4-Apr-2007 19:18

I would love one. My request to Joost is older than grannies buckskin bra!

Comment by Daniel, on 4-Apr-2007 19:24

please invite me it would be wicked if you did :D. but i will understand if you dont.

Comment by rscole86, on 4-Apr-2007 20:51


You mean that I am goign to have to wait 24 hours for a lousy Joost invite! Id rather curl up in the fetal position and suck my thumb under my bed!


Author's note by Fossie, on 5-Apr-2007 18:48

Congrats to Mark Heinrichs, last invite went to you!

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