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4 more Joost invites! Get 'em while their hot!

By  , in , posted: 28-Apr-2007 11:10

In 24 hours I will randomly choose 4 of the comment posts left here and send them an invite!
Please only leave one comment asking for an invite.

Good Luck!

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Comment by Paul, on 28-Apr-2007 12:03

Hi I would really like an invite.


Comment by bradstewart, on 28-Apr-2007 12:05


Author's note by Fossie, on 28-Apr-2007 12:22

Yeah, intites are a version up from invites. Intites now support vista!

Comment by nathan, on 28-Apr-2007 12:45

Put my name in the hat please.

I'd love an invite pretty please


Comment by NZtechfreak, on 28-Apr-2007 12:54

Yes please! An invite would be spectacular!

Comment by sixpounder, on 28-Apr-2007 13:03

Yeah your my idol

Comment by sarg, on 28-Apr-2007 16:31

I'd love an invite


Comment by allan, on 28-Apr-2007 19:48

Yes please!

Comment by sike, on 29-Apr-2007 00:30

hi, can u send me an invitation.Thanks.

Author's note by Fossie, on 29-Apr-2007 12:19

Ok, I sent out 3. I have decided to be evil and send out that last one tomorrow.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 29-Apr-2007 14:01

ok. beg, grovel, Lol.

Author's note by Fossie, on 30-Apr-2007 18:23

All invites sent! Ill give more away here next time I get some

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