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An email from xbox au/nz

By  , in , posted: 8-May-2007 18:22

Ill give you a bit of a back story first, in December of 2006, I entered a competition to get into the halo 3 beta...Which I won...
(this is from january)

Congratulations *****,


You have been judged as one of the winners for the Halo 3 public beta competition recently run on Xbox.com.au. as a winner you will receive a spot in the Halo 3 public beta program. Exact dates, guidelines and access code will be emailed to you prior to the start of the public beta. As stated in the terms and conditions of the competition you will need to have a Xbox Live gold membership and of course an Xbox 360.


Please stay tuned and we will advise you of all details via email. We look forward to seeing you on the Halo 3 public beta and your input on the game to Bungy Studios.


Finish the fight!




The New Zealand Xbox Team



Well today I received that extra info...


Months ago we sent notification that you were a winner of the Halo 3 Beta competition on Xbox.com
To provide you access to the beta on Xbox Live we will be sending you a copy of Crackown which includes the Halo 3 Beta access.
If you could reply to this email with your mailing address details as soon as possible, we will send out your copy of Crackdown.
Please get back to us soon however as the Halo 3 Beta begins on the 16th of May, and ends on the 7th of June.
All the best,
The Australian Xbox Team.


Im fairly stoked about this...enter a competition to be in the halo 3 beta, and come out with another game aswell!

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Comment by rscole86, on 8-May-2007 19:12

Completely un-related, but i got a phone call from MS today. Asking where they can send my FREE crackdown tshirt and FREE copy of Flight Sim X deluxe.

Comment by ben, on 8-May-2007 19:30

i got exactly the same thing in my email to! i hope its not a scam

Comment by simon14, on 9-May-2007 10:50

Dam... i just bought Crackdown for the beta key!! Wish they gave it to meeee!!

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