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Noobs Guide to Colloquy

By  , in , posted: 13-Sep-2007 16:21

Because I have far too much free time, I decided to put together a small Colloquy IRC how to.

Firstly you'll have to download it from their site.

When you open it and press 'Apple' and 1 at the same time.
This will bring up the connections window.


Select new, come up with a nickname, make sure IRC is selected in the drop down box and then add your server into 'Chat server'.


Press connect and let it do it's thing.

Picture 10

Once this is done select the connection in the connections window and press 'Join Room'. Type in the room name ie. #geekzone.

Picture 6

And bam you're done.

You can then make it auto join from the button down the bottom.

Picture 9

See, Total noobs guide.

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Comment by lugh, on 14-Sep-2007 17:50

I don't have an 'Apple' key. There is a key with some funny flag symbol though - will that work?

Author's note by Fossie, on 15-Sep-2007 18:09

Tr0ll :P

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