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Can someone tell me what 'Voodoo live' is? [updated]

By  , in , posted: 19-Sep-2007 21:06

I'm sorry! It must look like I have become a vodafone troll.
But what is voodoo live?
Picture 3

Thanks for pointing this out sbiddle.

By the way vodafone, it has been nice to see how quickly you have fixed your site over the past few days.

It seems that Vodafone doesn't believe in Voodoo after all and has fixed the page.

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Comment by sbiddle, on 19-Sep-2007 21:17

Some sort of online service to get a curse put on people?

Comment by freitasm, on 19-Sep-2007 21:18

Voodoo live must be the Vodafone Live! service designed for use in Jamaica?

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