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T-Mobile Confirmed as Germanys iPhone Carrier

By  , in , posted: 19-Sep-2007 23:19

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Apple has just confirmed that T-Mobile will be the exclusive iPhone carrier in Germany. The phone will be locked into a 2 year contract with the operator.
T-Mobile will support 'Visual Voice Mail' and is currently rolling out EDGE to its entire gsm network which will be completed by the end of 2007.
The iPhone is priced at the same level as its English counterpart and will be available from the 9th of November.

We are yet to see an iPhone with 3g support and other features. Steve Jobs claimed that this was due to it draining too much power.

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Comment by dannyb, on 20-Sep-2007 06:32

I think the power-drain claim is a valid one.

3G does suck heaps of power - I have 3G turned off on my Sharp 770SH 90% of the time - if I left it on, it would halve my stand-by time.

Apple devices have always had good battery life; often better than alternative devices; I don't think Apple would be keen to lose this reputation in a hurry.

Besides, any bandwidth intensive work I'd do on an iPhone would be when I'm sitting around, and when I'm sitting around I'm either at home or at work, and both of those places have Wi-Fi.
Google maps on the iPhone seems to perform reasonably well over GPRS, anyway.

Comment by sbiddle, on 20-Sep-2007 06:41

Quite interesting to see that o2 didn't get access as a group.

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