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Windows Live OneCare Beta (v2.0) Online Backup

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Got this email today. Looks very interesting. 10GB of online photo backup! very nice.

Please Try Windows Live OneCare Beta (v2.0) Online Backup Today!


Dear Windows Live OneCare Beta Tester,

Thank you for being a part of the Windows OneCare Live Beta (v2.0). You have been selected to be a part of our Online Photo Backup experience test group. This is an invite-only group so please do not forward this email. Keep those precious photos on your computer protected against all kinds of disasters by letting OneCare lock them away safely, securely and automatically, online. Once you have activated Online Photo Backup you will have access to 10GB of secure online storage for the duration of the beta.


Please note that you must have Windows Live OneCare Beta v2.0 installed on your test machine.

OneCare Live Online Photo Backup Activation Instructions
Please note, activating Online Backup will require you to reboot your machine.

  1. Open Windows Live OneCare (v2.0) by right-clicking the Windows Live OneCare icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, and selecting Open Windows Live OneCare.
  2. Click Change settings, select the Backup tab and select Subscribe to OneCare online photo backup
  3. You will be asked to sign in using your Windows Live ID.
  4. Once you have signed in, click the Continue Online button.
  5. In your browser window, click Start Now.
  6. Enter the following token to enable your Photo Backup:

  7. Please use Online Photo Backup to store copies of your digital photos.
  8. Click this link and complete the short Online Backup Survey. We are counting on you, so please take the short survey - it is your feedback that improves Windows Live OneCare!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I’ve already been invited to participate in this part of the beta - is this something different?

A; No - we are expanding the scope of the beta and you may have been previously invited to join the Online Backup beta.


Q: What happens to my photos at the end of the beta?
A: At the end of the beta you will have the option to continue your Online Photo Backup use. If you choose not to continue, all photos will be deleted from the Online store and you will no longer be able to restore your photos from the Online Store. You should take steps to ensure you have copies of your photos on your system.

Q: Can I delete my data from the Online Store?
A: Yes. Go to Backup Tab in View or Change OneCare Settings. Click on the Cleanup Online Store Button to delete all files from the Online Store.

Q: Is my data safe at the MSN store?
A: Your data is stored at the Online store and is as safe as your emails on your hotmail account. Your data is protected by your password.

Q: Is all my data backed up?
A: No, only the pictures/photos are backed up on the Online store.

Q: Can I exclude folders that should not be backed up?
A: Yes, you can select folders from where you do not want to backup pictures.

Q: Would the Copyrights to the photos remain with me after I have backed them up using OneCare?
A: Yes, Your personal collection of photos or other intellectual property (which you may back up using OneCare) remains your own and Microsoft does not attempt to claim that property. Copyright ownership is a separate question and we do not know if you own the copyright, nor do we have an interest in who the owner is.

Q: What happens if I have more pictures than the space allocated to me?
A: Backup will start as usual. Once you will consume the space allocated, you will get a Yellow Action item giving the space full message.

Q: What happens when I consume all the space allocated to me?
A: You will get a Yellow Action item giving the space full message. Traditionally, you would need to buy more space. Right now we would not provide you with additional space. Hence, go to Backup Tab in View or Change Settings. Click on the Cleanup Online Pictures Button to delete all files from the Online Store. Check the box to Enable continuous protection. Backup will start again backing up your files.

Q: What if I am unable to activate the Online Photo Backup?
A: If for any reason you were unable to use Online Photo Backup, please send an email to . If you have difficulty accessing the survey, please sign-out of Passport and try again.

Please note, the test-PINs included here are for beta purposes only, they cannot be used for subscription service. Beta service will stop at the conclusion of the beta and may not coincide with the expiration date on an individual test-PIN.

Thank you for being a part of the Windows Live OneCare Beta!
Windows Live OneCare Beta Team

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