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iPod Touch Bluetooth, yes no?

By  , in , posted: 8-Oct-2007 19:29

[update] Tear downs of the iPod have unfortunately proven that there is no hidden bluetooth onboard.

Here's something else for the great debate.
Flickr user alexisalex has posted an image of their iPod Touch crash log. Take a look...

In a recent crash log from my iPod Touch that I was sending to Apple, I noticed the Bluetooth string. Does this mean the iPod Touch actualy has a hidden Bluetooth chip, or it's something else ?

It might just be their systems bluetooth though.

I for one do hope that the Touch has bluetooth. Just think of the possibility's...

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Comment by KevDaly, on 8-Oct-2007 20:21

I suspect that if the string originates on the iPod it's simply a consequence of the fact that the OS for the Touch is the same as for the iPhone. All the indications to date are that there's no chip support for Bluetooth.

For anyone who wants to buy an iPod Touch (as with iPhone), to avoid disappointment (and angst, bitterness etc.) it's important to be clear about what you're getting, and make sure you buy it for what it is, not what we'd like it to be.

Comment by JS, on 9-Oct-2007 03:36

I think it's just a messup like when the iPod Touch said iPhone.

Comment by destined, on 9-Oct-2007 09:02

As KevDaly says, it is artefacts left from using the same OS as the iPhone. The tear downs that have been done around the web all confirm that there is not Bluetooth chipset in the Touch, so yes the support is there in software, but no hardware to do the transmission!

Author's note by Fossie, on 9-Oct-2007 15:55

@ destined. Apparently they are still unsure over some of the Apple branded chips in the touch. And also the possibility of bluetooth/wifi residing in the same chip.

Comment by Brenda, on 9-Oct-2007 17:32

agree it's unlikely to be a hidden bluetooth chip in there --- i do think bluetooth audio belongs in an ipod, more thank a touch screen or a web browser. cut the wires apple!

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