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Jailbreaking the iPod Touch Guide

By  , in , posted: 25-Oct-2007 19:13

Thought I'd Edit this. It is now much easier to jailbreak your precious iPod. Browse to www.jailbreakme.com and it'll do it all for you.

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I thought that i'd write a small tutorial on jailbreaking the iPod Touch in Mac os. Im not really a fan of the 'Automated' Jailbreaks, as the windows and mac versions left me with paper weight, until I restored it.
If anything does go wrong during this, hold the Home and Sleep buttons on your ipod, once the screen goes blank, release the sleep button. This will launch the recovery mode and allow you to restore the firmware in iTunes.

What is required:

an iPod Touch (1.1.1)
installer app
Springboard Patch
FTP Client
iPhone 1.1.1 apps (Find these yourself, Apple might have a cry if I link them)

Step 1:

Install libreadline by putting
sudo cp ~/Desktop/opt/local/lib/libreadline.5.2.dylib /opt/local/lib/

into terminal.

Step 2:

Set your iPods "Autolock" to never.

Step 3:

On the iPod, browse to
This will cause safari to crash.

Step 4:

In terminal, cd to the iPhuc folder
cd Desktop\ -\ Jailbreak
and type

Step 5:

In terminal (which should now be running iphuc), type

getfile /dev/rdisk0s1 iphonefs/rdisk0s1 314572800 

This will copy the ipods filesystem and place it in the iphonefs folder in "Desktop - Jailbreak"

Step 6:

Once iPhuc has finished (don't close terminal) go to the iphonefs folder, add .DMG to "rdisk0s1"
Mount the DMG.

Step 7:

Open the springpatch folder and run "Springpatch". This will patch the ipods springboard, which will allow you to add applications.

Step 8:

Copy "fstab" from the Desktop - Jailbreak folder and place it in /etc of the "Snowbird3A110a" disk image.

Step 9:

This is where you can install the iPhone applications, by dragging them into /Applications
Stocks, Weather and Notes work fine. But Mail and Mapss require you to drop
GMM.framework into /System/Library/Frameworks and MobileMail.bundle to /System/Library/PreferenceBundles/

Step 10:

cd to the diskimage and fix the permissions using
chmod a+x /Applications/

Step 11:

Back in iPhuc type

putfile iphonefs/rdisk0s1.dmg /dev/rdisk0s1

This will replace the ipods old filesystem with the new one.

Step 12:

Reboot your iPod (holding the home and sleep buttons)

Step 13:

Run independence and click the ssh tab and then 'Install ssh" follow the onscreen instructions.
(This step requires wifi)
A success dialoge box should pop up.

Step 14:

Find your iPods ip address by pressing the arrow to the side of your wifi connection in settings.

Step 15:

In terminal type
ssh -l root ipods.ip.address

It will then say something along the lines of
The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established

When asked, type YES.
The password is: alpine

Step 16:

Open your Ftp application (I use Cyberduck) and connect to your ipod using SFTP
Username: Root
Password: alpine

Step 17:

Go to /var/root and rename Media to Media_sym
Then rename Mediaold to Media
This should fix iTunes syncing.

Step 18:

Download and install openssh through installer

Step 19:

Get more space to install applications:
Install the 'BSD subsystem' from Installer and 'Community Sources' from installer.
SSH to your iPod
ssh -l root ipods.ip.address


mv /Applications /private/var/Applications
cd /
ln -s /private/var/Applications Applications
ls -la

You should see a line of text saying something like

lrwxr-xr-x 1 root admin 25 Oct 12 22:31 Applications -> /private/var/Applications

And You're Done!

Sources: Jailbreaking Guide
Jailbreaking Discussion
Macrumors Forum
and ofcourse toc2rta

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Comment by Mark Wilcox, on 25-Oct-2007 20:32

I jailbroke mine last weekend on my PC.

It was a LOT easier than that and let me tell you now this this is sweet.

Comment by Mark Wilcox, on 25-Oct-2007 20:35

Ah read your bit at the start about your automation.

How did yours not work? Mine worked perfectly fine. Seriously, "Next", "Please Reboot", "Next", "Please Reboot", "Next", "Rebooting", "Your iPod touch has been jailbroken".

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