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How Green Is Your Site?

By  , in , posted: 11-Nov-2007 13:24

CO2Stats is a site that has been setup by PHD students at harvard, which measures your webpages 'Carbon Footprint'. They give you a small widget for your webpage which counts the 'Pounds of CO2' used from people viewing your site. Im waiting for a mertic version myself...

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Comment by rscole86, on 11-Nov-2007 13:30


I say we spam the CO2stats website, so they can buy up all the carbon credits...

Comment by rscole86, on 11-Nov-2007 13:35

Ok, so two minutes later I have added an extra 0.001 pounds of CO2.
Are you doing your part?

Comment by cokemaster, on 11-Nov-2007 14:43

My webhost is already 'carbon neutral', except I don't really buy into the whole carbon scheme

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