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Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta

By  , in , posted: 28-Nov-2007 15:18

Well the Beta (private) of WLM9 is out, so here are a few of screenies of it.
It mostly looks the same, but new features include:

* Multiple points of presence; You can now log into wlm9 from two different locations! (any version below 9 will not work with this)
* Custom contact sounds; You can set different sounds for individual contacts.
* Status messages are clickable
* "SPIM" reporting; You can report and then block users who spam.
* Signature Sounds; The sound your contacts hear when you log in. (I guess)

These are just the features that I have noticed so far.
(Click on the pictures for a better size)

Setting custom sounds for contacts:

Sign in options with settings for multiple log in:


Setting a custom signature sound:


Contacts menu with report button:


Just the main contacts list, no changes here:


There is the possibility that these features may change and that others may be added.


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Comment by chakkaradeep, on 29-Nov-2007 01:54

Can this be installed along with Windows Live Messenger 8.5 ?

Comment by Zach G, on 7-Dec-2007 20:29


Do you know when Windows Live Messenger 9 is coming out for download?


Author's note by Fossie, on 12-Dec-2007 13:38

Chakka: It removed my old version of WLM.
Zach: No Idea.

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