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This is getting old, fast.

By  , in , posted: 28-Dec-2007 16:37

When you have a keyboard that looks like this:
(you should see the other guy)
and you don't have a spare usb keyboard and you don't have a ps/2 port because your computer is Steve jobs and some guy from marketings love child. You have three choices:

1. Buy a new keyboard....What am I? Made of money?

2. Fix the old one. In my defense, I have fixed this before. So look out for my 'How to attempt to fix a water damaged keyboard but end up with a very ugly paper weight guide'.

3. Improvise. This is what I do best, and here is what I did:

That is my iPod connected to my computer through wifi, which is running vnc. So in effect, im using the ipod keyboard as my computers keyboard. And I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I wrote this whole post using it and my hand is about to fall off.


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Comment by TomAckroyd, on 28-Dec-2007 17:42

Also - You should get one of the new keyboards, I hear they are pretty nice - $80 - not that much is it?

Comment by tonyhughes, on 28-Dec-2007 18:34

That looks like some serious damage to your iTouchyPodThing too!! Ruffian!!

Author's note by Fossie, on 28-Dec-2007 18:38

@tom I was actually looking at the new ones today, they also have the advantage of being a usb 2 hub vs usb 1.

@tony: thats the original screen protector peeling at the bottom.

Comment by kinsten, on 29-Dec-2007 11:44

nice stand in, bit small though, obviously not a thumb wars typing job.

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