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Dick Smith advertising error is your gain

By  , in , posted: 29-Dec-2007 14:10


From dse until sunday, you will be able to pick up a 'TOMTOM ONE XL InCar GPS' for $410. Thats $175 off the normal price. This is being honoured nation wide.


You can also scoop a 26" Bravia LCD for $999. KLV26U300A


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Comment by pjv3, on 29-Dec-2007 21:12

Advertising error? Doesn't look too out of the ordinary to me - fairly standard specials most retailers are doing really.

A few years back I saw some real advertising errors (all online):

SCSI HD, was $2130, now $21.30.
Recent game, $0.00 + $7 shipping.

Of course, NZ law means that a retailer does not have to honour pricing mistakes, as long as they do what they can to fix them when they know about the mistake.

They can even chase you up after you have bought the item, if they can prove you knew it was a lot cheaper than it should have been (assuming they can find you of course )

Comment by sbiddle, on 29-Dec-2007 22:00

If you look at the price of the same Tom Tom unit elsewhere you'll see it's around $100 less than several other retailers have had it for in their recent sales.

Comment by macuser, on 30-Dec-2007 01:00

I went to Smiths City to get a X360 wireless networking adapter, and found them labeled "Component HD cables $59.99", an obvious mistake but the guy didn't realize so I bought two and sold one trade me for 150 and used the other.
I know it wasn't very honest but they scam hard usualy, tried to sell me a Canon 400D for 2k(he made up the price on the spot because he didn't have a clue)...when I went in another day I got it for 1300

Comment by Aloha, on 30-Dec-2007 12:17

I dont know if it was a mistake but we bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner in Harvey Norman during the boxing day sales for a price, which was below their cost!
We bought the cheapest model, which is NZD699, but in Botany the label said it is NZD599. Then they had a 30% off sale so we bought it for 419 dollar, which is quite a good price comparing with the original. Funny that their computers were shoving that the sale price (419) was below their cost. It was blinking and marked with red colour in the program. :)

Anyway it was definitely our gain. :)

Author's note by Fossie, on 30-Dec-2007 12:20

That botany HN deserves it, with their massive prices for everything else.

Comment by Tony, on 3-Jan-2008 11:16

The XL in London is around 129 pounds while that tele is on sale at Sainsburys for 349 pounds... u can work out the exchange rate..

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