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Rotten Apples

By  , in , posted: 29-Feb-2008 00:26

Last Wednesday, the 20th of February, I bought the base Macbook pro. Which was 2.2 Ghz, 120gb HDD, 128mb 8600gtm. Then this Wednesday Apple released an update to the MBP line, bringing the base unit to 2.4 Ghz, 200gb HDD and 256mb 8600gtm. All for $149 less.

I was aware of a 1-14ish day apple policy which lets people trade up to the newer revision. So today I walked to the local apple authorised reseller here in Dunedin 'Studentit'. Asked about it, and got a big fat NO, and was told to ring apple. After a tangled maze of phone calls, this was established.

Apple NZ offers a 7 day upgrade, when you can trade your laptop in for the new one, if you bought it in the last week (which I had). But, it only applies if you buy from the Apple NZ online store. So if your someone, like me, who bought through an authorised reseller, you are unable to get this upgrade (or a price match).

The guy at studentit was helpful, but even Apple NZ shafted him. They got him to call Australia and try contact a department which doesn't even exist.

It's just disgusting.

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Comment by freitasm, on 29-Feb-2008 00:51

Yes... A friend of mine bought a Macbook Pro on Saturday from the online store, and on Monday got an email saying he would be receiving the new model, including the Apple Remote (which is no longer part of the package)...

Comment by tonyhughes, on 29-Feb-2008 00:54

I just bought the Macbook 2.20GHz, so missed a $200 or so price drop and a bit of hard drive space (or could have spent a little more for heaps of HDD and double RAM, as well as a faster CPU and improved touchpad). I bought from DSE last saturday and have a 14 day right of return for any reason.

I might just invoke it!!

Comment by hellonearthisman, on 29-Feb-2008 01:02

It's a bit rough customers who buy from the authorised resellers, that they don't get the same apple support as people who brought it online. Good luck on getting a fair deal.

Comment by Enrico, on 29-Feb-2008 01:37

Isn't there in NZ a money-back guarantee policy? In Italy we have 8 days to return any good we're not satisfied, and the seller cannot even ask for a reason, he just has to take it back. I know that in other countries there are even longer periods. If it's the same in NZ, you could return the good and order the new. Two different action, returning the good and buy again, instead of the single prohibited one, substituting the good. You should ask I think, maybe they're not collaborating since they don't want to get back too many old models...

Comment by stuart, on 29-Feb-2008 01:41

You may be covered by the Consumer Guarrantees Act as you were sold a laptop which was not at a "reasonable price." (open for debate...)

Comment by antony adler, on 29-Feb-2008 01:54

lucky my opinion doesn't matter !

That's coz in my opinion you are a fool for not checking out the situation, the web has been buzzing for weeks about the macbook refresh - I've held out for the last month to await the good news, shame you didn't do the same !

Comment by alasta, on 29-Feb-2008 06:56

I don't see the problem here.

The machine that you've been supplied with is the one that you agreed to purchase at the time of the sales transaction. The fact that a new model has since been released doesn't mean that you've got any less value out of your purchase than you otherwise would have.

Comment by mike, on 29-Feb-2008 07:17

StudentIT is owned by Renaissance, Apple's former exclusive distributor. Call the education division on 0800 733 725

You can't blame Apple because a particular store doesn't have the same returns policy!

Comment by scottpalmer, on 29-Feb-2008 07:21

I'm not trying to be nasty and I fully sympathise with Tony, Fossie and anyone else that is affected, but this happens every day in any situation where there is a retailer and a buyer. A standard price drop where the model stays the same isn't so bad as the retailer, in the name of customer service, can refund the difference. In the case of a new model, the retailer is going to end up out of pocket big time if they have to take back 2 weeks worth of sales which are now a) old models, b) lower spec c) second hand and d) more expensive than their replacement model(s). I suspect an outfit like where Fossie brought from has probably sold a fair few Macs lately, this may well have been the busiest 2 week period of the year for them being start of uni, students having saved all summer while working, etc, so without Apple's support it would hurt them big time to take them all back! Tony is lucky, he has the DSE 14 day jobbie and that will sting DSE, Fossie I hope it all works out for you! Was the upgrade policy discussed with the store at your time of purchase? Or have you just learnt a valuable life lesson in not taking things like that for granted?

All this aside, Apple really should be consistent across the channel with their policy, in business terms though they obviosuly make more through their online store sales than their retail sales so they have more to play with.

Again, I'm just trying to provide an alternative perspective, I know it is no consolation.

/me ducks for cover.

Comment by chiefie, on 29-Feb-2008 08:55

As said in one or two forum posts... Best still (for your next Apple purchase)... get it from Apple Online Store, they're finally available in NZ for a reason, quick and easy Apple purchase. Retails have the tendency to sell the stocked older models first before restocking the new ones.

Anyhow, sorry to hear that you get shafted.

Author's note by Fossie, on 29-Feb-2008 09:35

It seems there is very little incentive from buying from an authorised reseller. What's the point?

Comment by chiefie, on 29-Feb-2008 09:54

Fossie... exactly.. what's the point to shop from resellers these days when the price you pay is exactly the same as advertised from Apple Online Store. PLUS you get free shipping from AOS.

Beside, dealing with AOS means you'll get the true Apple services for any problem you may get in the future...

Hope it be a reminder to future purchase.

Comment by heavenly_wild, on 29-Feb-2008 14:05

The only advantage of buying from an authorised reseller is that you can take it home with you straight away, without having to wait for delivery really.

Comment by mobygeek, on 29-Feb-2008 14:21

Indeed, what's the point of being the retailer?

Comment by heavenly_wild, on 29-Feb-2008 15:19

Some people still prefer to touch before they buy.  I often buy things off the internet but a little worried about ordering notebooks off it though.  Just one of those things.  Personal preference.

Comment by Michael, on 1-Mar-2008 09:07

i think that what poeple need to remember is that if they are purchasing a new product - especially an apple product, they should check out around the internet and see what they cna find. That's what i did and i ordered my new MacBook Pro the day they announced it was being updated. This was all over the internet all one had to do was search 2008 macbook pro update.

In summary next time - do a little research before you buy.



Comment by asianbro, on 2-Mar-2008 09:11

Apple's prices are disgusting ... period

Author's note by Fossie, on 12-Mar-2008 11:10

Michael, you think I didn't do any research? Macrumors was my home after macworld. Why do you think I bought it on a Wednesday? All new releases come out on Wednesday here. I thought I would have 7 or 14 days to return it, if a new one came out.

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