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, posted: 18-Sep-2006 09:19

I received a docking station for my Imate JAMin yesterday. This is a neat little device from Just Mobile out of the UK which has a couple of speakers and a 3 watt amp built in. Just dock the JAMin and you can play any music stored on your device while the unit is being recharged or synched.
I bought it to see if I could adapt it to be used as a music streaming device from my NEO server and as a convenient way of holding the JAMin while it is being used as a control device for the system.
Thing is, when I removed the JAMin after the 1st use the !#@$@#! 3.5mm jack pulled out of the base (along with some very fine wires!) So much for Chinese quality...
I contemplated sending it back, but having sourced it from the UK this seemed down to the mess I call a work shop and after some micro surgery I managed to make it good. While I had the box opened up I added a line out jack so I could connect to an amplifier of some better quality.
So, now I have a device that will allow me to dock my JAMin which can be used to either control my entertainment system, or to stream music from the server (802.11) to the docking point and from there to an amplifier or simply use the inbuilt one.
All that is needed now is some software mods to the JAMin to make it more user friendly...but hey, we're making progress.

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