Police Response Times

, posted: 22-Sep-2006 08:07

I love it when something works as designed....
We have been burgled twice in the past three months. The first time the perps confined themselves to the outside and took stuff from my van and the lawn mower from the garden shed. These wern't locked so I only have myself to blame. Neverthless the Police turned up and took details and were most helpful but admonished me for not "locking up". After that experience I rigged up PIR and lights in the hope that lights might deter our nocturnal visitors.
Two months later the perps returned and this time came into the house (lights on and we were upstairs) and did a quick circuit of the family room and lounge grabbing anything that was not connected. (Lap Top, Tablet PC, Imate Pocket PC, BTC URF keyboard and Sanyo cell phone all vanished. (oh yes, and $30 cash so if you see $30 it's mine) Again the Police responded quite quickly and took notes etc. They suggested that we fit bolts to the doors, but the fact is we don't usually lock doors while we are "in residence". The Insurance folk hindly replaced all the stolen stuff with nice new equipment so the status quo has been established.

I was concerned at the "balls" (or maybe desperation) of the intruder that would have them enter an occupied home to steal stuff, so decided that I needed to implement some early warning system to alert us to any intruder on the property I found a product called Voice Alert and installed that this week along with a surveillance camera for the rear of the property. Voice Alert is a radio based system that will announce events from up to six different sensors. eg. "Someone is coming up the drive" and "Someone is loitering round the back fence" are the notifications I have.

Last night we were about to retire when the system announced "Someone is loitering round the back fence". Well I dashed out onto the deck to have a look but didn't really expect to see any intruder. You can imagine my astonishment when there was a russle of bushes and the creak of the fence then the sight of two people scampering off into the darkness.

My wife then called the police and within 10 minutes a constable had turned up and after confirming that we had in fact seen intruders (or suspicious activity) and that we didn't have a teenage daughter that might have been the object of some young man's fancy, they called in the dog handlers to see if they could track our nocturnal visitors. The dog arrived within 20 minutes but unfortunately couldn't track the intruder.

So, full marks to the Voice Alert system and full marks to the Police for their prompt response.
I guess we shouldn't believe all we read in the papers....


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