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, posted: 15-Dec-2006 06:57

Mumble…mumble ##&^#@^%#@ computers.

For the last two days I have spend some time crafting well constructed blog entries only to have the disappear off into the ether because I type too slow….bugger.


What I have been rabbiting on about again is the copyright issue because it is an area of considerable complexity and causes most of the populance to become law breakers because they don’t understand some of the finer points of the legislation.


Take for example the transfer of CDs to MP3 players…Technically a breach, but anyone who has an IPOD or other MP3 player will be doing this.  And what about the age old practice of recording a TV show. How many understand that the recording can only be used for private use (and not given to your neighbour or friends), or that the recording must not be kept [for any longer than necessary] whatever that means. Private collections of Fawlty Towers or any of the other classics is not legal, so nobody does this…yeah, right!


When the rules are being violated every day it becomes an “accepted practice” in the eyes of the consumers anyway, so what is the point of the legislation? If a law can not be enforced, it is a waste of time and ink….


The practice of file sharing is a dilemma for the regulators I’m sure. In the old days you would share tapes and CDs with friends and neighbours (your circle of contact) and even though technically in breach, this activity became wht the US refers to as “fair use”. Unfortunately technology has now extended an individual’s circle of contact to include the entire wired world. I personally believe this is pushing the envelop a bit far, but where do you draw the line?....Your immediate extended family?....Your neighbourhood?...your city?....Your country?


And what of DVDs? Clearly copying a DVD and giving to another party (or worse, selling) is a breach of copyright and is not to be encouraged. But what is the difference from taking the DVD to your neighbour to watch it. Isn’t this an “accepted practice” also?


And consider this..I rent a DVD with intention of watching tonight. My better half has organised to go out, so DVD viewing is not an option. Tomorrow I take the DVD back having paid to watch it, but not able to do so……bummer! But what if I have the technology to capture the image and “time shift” my license to view. After I have watched it I simply release the disk space, because I rarely watch movies more than once.

Now I am sure the regulators would be unhappy to sanction such activity, but I can’t see anything wrong with it provided it is simply a “time shift” exercise….whatdayareckon?

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Comment by inane, on 15-Dec-2006 12:23

good points - thought provoking.

Comment by sbiddle, on 15-Dec-2006 13:04

I still think the biggest con is the fact you don't actually own the music when you purchase a CD but merely a licence to use the music.

Why then if you purchase a CD do you have to pay for another licence to download the same song using iTunes? You should be eligible for an electronic version for free or minimal cost.

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