HP Discover 2011 Tweetup and Community Party

, posted: 28-May-2011 10:49

There are two community events happening during the HP Discover 2011: Triple Crown Tweetup at HP Discover (Tuesday 7th June, 6-7pm), followed by the Triple Crown Community Party (Tuesday 7th June, 7-9:30pm). More information here.

Although they are hosted at the same venue you have to register for each event, as they are separate! Also the community party requires you to collect a wristband at the Discover Zone during the conference.

If you are using Twitter, you should follow @HPDiscover to find out more about the event, directly from Becca Taylor.

The Twitter hashtag for this tweetup is #TripleCrownTweetup.

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HP Discover 2011 is the new enterprise business event for all alumni of HP Software Universe, HP Technology Forum, and HP Technology@Work. This is one event to experience HP's entire portfolio products, solutions and services.

This is an unofficial blog, written by Mauricio Freitas and published by Geekzone. You can follow me on Twitter.

Disclaimer: my attendance to HP Discover 2011 is sponsored by HP.

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