At HP Discover, Tributary Shows Backup Virtualization Solution For All HP Platforms

, posted: 4-Jun-2011 09:00

A press release related to HP Discover 2011 I found today:

In Booth 181 at the June 6-10 HP Discover Las Vegas trade show, Tributary Systems, Inc. unveils its Storage Director/ViTAL Backup Virtualization Solution. It gives HP customers the basis for a Converged Infrastructure (CI) architecture across all HP platforms. Tributary Systems has been an OEM supplier of HP Storage Technology for 15 years.

Storage Director/ViTAL can be deployed in any data center with any host platform running any backup application to any back-end target, in order to stage and manage data backup, data protection, remote backup and disaster recovery. In addition, Storage Director/ViTAL meets the rigorous and minimum criteria required to be deployed in HP NonStop environments: availability, data integrity and scalability.

"Our backup virtualization solution -- Storage Director/ViTAL -- simplifies, consolidates and lowers customers' costs by reducing the steps, processes and number of solutions required to meet their backup needs," said CEO Shawn Sabanayagam.

"Storage Director/ViTAL also gives HP customers the basis for a Converged Infrastructure (CI) architecture across all HP platforms, including NonStop, Superdome, HP OpenVMS, HPUX andall HP server hardware running Windows, UNIX and Linux. HP customers can use Storage Director/ViTAL as a single backup target across all their server host platforms, including IBM, Oracle/Sun and Dell, to fully consolidate backup and disaster recovery tasks," Sabanayagam concluded.

Now with implementation capability across all HP host platforms, Storage Director/ViTAL brings the most stringent backup requirements of the NonStop platform across all HP platforms. In addition, Storage Director/ViTAL allows HP and HP customers to use this backup virtualization solution to also back up competitor platforms such as Oracle/Sun Solaris, IBM Mainframe (z OS), IBM Power SystemsT running AIX, iOS and Linux? , and legacy IBM AS/400 and IBM iSeries servers.

Tributary Systems, Inc., based in Texas, delivers data protection with vision. Its solutions allow companies to optimize operating costs and performance by combining the visibility of comprehensive storage analytics with highly scalable and easily manageable backup and restore functions. Customers include Fortune 20, Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 1000 companies as well as small and middle market companies in banking, financial services, retail, telecommunications and healthcare.

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