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FreeNews on my Sanyo 9000

By Gary R, in , posted: 7-Aug-2006 14:27

Looks nice and very fast on EVDO. It is a Java app downloaded via WAP. The developer must be using UAProf as it correctly detected my phone as a Sanyo SCP9000.


Beta program is underway and you can sign up for a Seven day trial at
Free News

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Comment by sbiddle, on 7-Aug-2006 15:09

All fine and dandy if you get free data. Having to pay Telecom WAP charges might put a dent in your wallet! :-)

Comment by bradstewart, on 7-Aug-2006 15:57

Looks good, only one possible drawback... Does it get charged at WAP rates?

Author's note by Jama, on 7-Aug-2006 19:05

Yes and yes to the WAP charges, but it is a very nice application which is what the blog was about. The WAP charges will be addressed and will not stay at $51K for 1GB forever!

Comment by bradstewart, on 7-Aug-2006 23:10

Yes I agree it looks like a very nice app. Good to hear that WAP charges will be fixed! Then i'll be able to use cools apps like this.

Comment by taniwha, on 15-Aug-2006 17:32

have you tried googlereader?


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