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The Herald Strikes Again

By Gary R, in , posted: 8-Aug-2006 08:24

Or should I say return of the idiots

Merrill Lynch analyst Patrick Russel said Telecom would probably have to upgrade to a wireless version of its mobile standard CDMA and the Government would force it to invest in more fibre.

Yes, got get some of that wireless CDMA.

Some link loving

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Comment by chiefie, on 8-Aug-2006 09:11

and they can't get any more stupider than that, can they?

Geez "wireless CDMA"... I thought CDMA is a wireless technology? Or has it turned wired, overnight?

Comment by tonyhughes, on 8-Aug-2006 09:12

I am SO SICK of being tied down to copper wires in the ground for my CDMA cellphone connection, and am indeed looking forward to the wireless version, where i can make a cellphone call from ouotside of the house, without that pesky white telephone extension cable.

This is gonna revolutionise the world - mark my words.

Comment by freitasm, on 8-Aug-2006 09:21

For their benefit, the NZ Herald is quoting an "analyst"... This just to show that "consultants" and "analysts" can't all be trusted...

Comment by juha, on 8-Aug-2006 09:39

They also insist that Telecom has to build a WCDMA network...

Comment by freitasm, on 8-Aug-2006 10:12

Of course Juha: [sarcasm] Isn't WCDMA "Wireless CDMA" [/sarcasm] (in their broken books perhaps?)

Comment by freitasm, on 8-Aug-2006 10:12

Jama, link love to NZ Herald please!

Comment by chiefie, on 8-Aug-2006 10:44

I supposed that W in the WCDMA means "wireless"?

Comment by bradstewart, on 8-Aug-2006 11:50

But they are NZ's biggest newspaper, surely they know what they are printing and making sure its correct. Oh wait it seems to be part of the medias job now to make wild inaccurate claims about things they have no understanding of.

Oh for the days when the media had integrity and accurate reporting.

Wireless CDMA....... Really??? Oh that is just too funny. Off to replace my wired CDMA 'mobile' phone.

Comment by freitasm, on 8-Aug-2006 12:08

Brad, believe it or not, there are "fixed cellular" phones in the wild...

Comment by tonyhughes, on 8-Aug-2006 12:21

You people may mock it - but going wireless is going to be a great move for CDMA.

Imagine being able to walk down the street talking on the phone.

This is about to become reality.

You will all have egg on your face by the time we get to GZ06 and people can actually make and recieve calls from the conference on their unwired cellphones.

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