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HSDPA initial testing

By Gary R, in , posted: 25-Aug-2006 08:12

My AirCard 850 found 'HS' service this morning for the first time. This is from Tory St in Wellington. Watcher

First tests on an unloaded network. Looks like it is rate limited. HS
Big advantage over UMTS. Approx 3.1 times faster on download and 2 times faster on upload.

Big improvement on the ping test to Geekzone.
Minimum=138ms, Maximum=186ms, Average=155ms

Approx 100ms better than UMTS.

Waking out or dormancy takes 4000ms which is the same as UMTS.

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Comment by alasta, on 25-Aug-2006 12:43

Sure beats the ~200kbps that I'm getting on Woosh at the moment!

Comment by johnr, on 25-Aug-2006 16:22

What is bid improvement or you mean Big

Don't worry my engrish not that great either

Comment by juha, on 25-Aug-2006 17:26

Hmm, funny, I saw lower pings when I looked at HSDPA in Auckland. It'd be better if you pinged the nearest hop on the network instead of Geekzone...

Author's note by Jama, on 25-Aug-2006 17:28

I don't think your average user is going to care about the ping time response from the closest hop.

Comment by Kezzainc, on 25-Aug-2006 19:11

...they will if they use VOIP.

Comment by juha, on 28-Aug-2006 11:19

We're not average users though... it's just easier to compare latency if you only have a small bit of network to take into account. :)

Comment by simon_nz90, on 11-Sep-2006 20:43

Latency is the most important thing for me!

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