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Calling all 'Cable Guys'

By Gary R, in , posted: 3-Nov-2006 08:20

I have seen some shocking wiring during my travels around the world but this has got to be the worst.

The Telco's in Lebanon have found a way of delaying local loop unbundling


Orcon and ihug would have a lot of trouble squeezing into this cabinet


Colour coded wires would help


Where did these pictures come from? If you took these photos and you have a problem with me displaying them in my blog please let me know and I will take them down.

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Comment by freitasm, on 3-Nov-2006 09:43

That's the problem the Auckland City Council tried to prevent when they didn't let TelstraClear "invade" the city with their cable network...


Author's note by Jama, on 3-Nov-2006 09:53

TCL cables are aesthetically pleasing in comparison

Comment by sbiddle, on 3-Nov-2006 10:53

I bet it doesn't take long to get a new connection though - obviously the RMA wouldn't be a problem running new overhead cables!

Comment by juha, on 3-Nov-2006 11:25

Reminds me of the time a contractor came to sort out the phone wiring for Jetstream - he was too big to get underneath the house, so he pulled a overhead new wire to the office. That took quite a while, but I assumed he knew what he was doing so...

Then he left, and I noticed that DSL wasn't working. So I checked the phone line - no dial tone. Hmm. I checked the fax line, and that had a dialtone but I started getting calls for the neighbour.

I figured something was wrong and called 123 who confirmed that I now had a different number, and that both my voice and fax line were inoperational - DSL ditto. The neighbour who had two small children came over to ask if she could use my phone, because hers was out... had to explain what had happened. Luckily she had a mobile to use.

So another contractor was sent out, who was more clued up than the previous guy... after a bit of detective work he found that apart from not hooking up the new overhead wire properly, the earlier contractor had just matched colours in the mushroom outside the house. So, a brown pair to a brown pair, blue to blue, etc. That wasn't the way to do it, apparently.

It was a whole day outage for me, but the plus side was that DSL worked a lot better over the new wire once it got connected to the network. :)

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