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Want some fat with your petrol?

By Gary R, in , posted: 14-Feb-2007 12:00

Finally the New Zealand government has made a decision to enforce up to .53% of fuel sales to come from bio-fuel. Great news but it is quite disturbing that initially it will be derived from Tallow which is rendered from suet which comes from Beef.

Making bio-fuel from methane belching cows does seem to defeat the purpose of reducing geen-house gas emissions.

Vegetarian/Vegan, tree hugging greenies are certainly going to face a moral dilemma. Drive the car and you could be killing a cow.

Of course being 'green' always has a cost with fuel companies threatening that fuel prices could rise by up to 5cents p/litre with the addition bio-fuel.


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Comment by Vegetarians Are Evil, on 14-Feb-2007 13:27

Who cares what the vegan and vegetarian greenies thing!


I'm tanking up with pork!


Comment by Jama, on 14-Feb-2007 17:06

mate what a classic web site. I really believe now that those damn vegetarians are evil and that PETA are no better than terrorists.

Comment by freitasm, on 14-Feb-2007 21:04

In the meantime, Brazil's use of ethanol in cars is a success... Much cleaner than anything else. And available from almost 100% petrol stations in the country.


Comment by barf, on 16-Feb-2007 16:54

what confuses me is why do people who use 91 octane? its worse for the environment than 95 or 98 because of the knock-retarding chemicals (5% benzene by weight) no car is designed to run on 91 octane fuel - it's for lawnmowers.

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