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Apple TV Appears on NZ Apple Store

By Gary R, in , posted: 28-Feb-2007 09:59

There are reports that Apple TV is delayed until Mid March which is only two weeks off from the original launch date. The product has appeared on the Apple NZ webstore for NZ$498 inc GST which on the face of it is quite a reasonable price.

I was looking forward to this product but after seeing the specs I think I will give it a miss. Here is why:

- Only a 40GB hard drive
with the price of hard drives these days you would think that they could use a 200GB drive!
- No DVD drive
If I am going to integrate a new device into my home theater I want to get rid of something, preferably my DVD player. I already have a pile of CD/DVD's which I would love to store on a hard drive so my son stops breaking them!
- WiFi required
To get the content onto the Apple TV I have to run my PC at home and transfer over the WiFi. What a pain.
- Content from iTunes
I can see what Apple are doing here. Buy the box and get your content from iTunes. Bummer! I want to record TV and store/play my existing CD/DVD's (that I have purchased)

So, I thought this might be the product for me but no. A good idea but seriously half baked and again the sort of product that will crash and burn quickly. I can see people in a few years time talking about the great little product from Apple that could have been but never was.

Sure, I could customise an XBox, use a Tivo, run a Shuttle with media centre/MythTV or 'buy-to-rent' a Sky PVR but all these products have limitations. Some are too complicated and I don't want to have to use a keyboard/mouse, boot a PC or support the technophobes in my house.

This is why the promise of Apple TV was so appealing. It is a product that is simple (no keyboard, just a remote), it looks great (nice styling job Jobs), it is inexpensive and I bet it doesn't crash. Sorry Mr Jobs you are not going to be my content provider now or in the future.


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