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Incredible Telstra Next G Coverage

By Gary R, in , posted: 1-Mar-2007 09:50

Telstra recently announced that they had achieved 2.3Mbps at a range of 200kms from an HSDPA cellsite using an Ericsson supplied software update.

This is an amazing feat and a world first. The results were announced at the recent 3GSM conference. There is an article over at Physorg

Sol Trujillo was quoted as saying:

”The benefits of 3GSM technology and HSPA could not have been economically taken to extensively to regional and remote Australia without the use of 850 MHz spectrum and the Ericsson software enhancements to extend the range and capacity of the network,”

A good endorsement for the lower 850MHz frequency range.

This breaks the previous Telstra record set in 1999 with 120km achieved on the CDMA network using a 'boomer' cell site located at Mt Dowe NSW

It just goes to show the benefits of living in a flat country. It would be difficult to achieve a similar range in New Zealand because of geography but it will be interesting to see what Nokia can do when Vodafone starts to adopt the 900MHz spectrum for HSDPA services.

Telstra and Ericsson deserve some credit for actually rolling out a new network in about 10 months and for achieving such a high data rate at such a distance.

I believe the skeptics (including myself) have now been silenced.


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Comment by chiefie, on 1-Mar-2007 10:05

Awww don't be so hard on yourself Jama... regardless what, it surely is a technological milestone for Telstra and Ericsson to achieve this feat! Kudos to them!

Comment by freitasm, on 1-Mar-2007 10:13

Meanwhile, Vodafone New Zealand is using Nokia hardware and where it is deployed... Well, you know the results.

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