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Yahoo and Xtra Retardo Mail

By Gary R, in , posted: 1-Mar-2007 13:27

I had hoped that with the new YahooXtra alliance email would have been top of the list for sorting out. Oh how wrong I was.

Xtramail and Yahoo mail are still separate entities just like Xtramail and Hotmail. I have an Xtra email account which is 'free' because Xtra are my ISP. My wife has an Xtra email account which costs us an extra (Xtra) $2.50 p/month. I can POP our Xtra mail to Outlook or use the online web mail interface from a browser. Now if I go overseas I can still use web mail but I can no longer POP unless I pay a further (approx) $2.50 p/month for XSRE (Xtra Secure Remote Email) which allows me to POP from a 'foreign' network.

Now Yahoo mail is available with the @yahoo.co.nz domain. I went to setup my 'free' email account using my name.name only to find that my name is gone. I suspect that even though I am signing up for a yahoo.co.nz email address it must check the .com domain and because my name.name is already in use on the .com it will not allow me to use my name on the .co.nz.

I also checked out what methods are available for retrieving my yahoo.co.nz mail:

For free it is just the yahoo web mail which I can get any where in the world. Now for POP I was referred to a help page which advised me that if I want POP I need to subscribe to 'Yahoo Mail Plus' service. Now the 'Plus' service gives me POP, a bigger Inbox, no ads and a few other things. The offer is 'Try it free for 30 days', great! After that it is only $19.95 p/year again great. That is not a lot of money.

Well I thought it was great until I found the faint, 2pt fine print. The 'Try it free for 30 days' offer expired January 15th 2007. The $19.95 is actually US Dollars! How can it be US Dollars when I am accessing the web site from a .co.nz? Well it seems that what we get in NZ is just the Yahoo 'eye candy' everything else of any actual substance is still US domiciled and hosted on a .com.

I think that I will stick to gmail as my other email service. It is truly free and I can POP it to my hearts desire from anywhere in the world.

[Foot Note] When I say POP I do mean POP and SMTP used together like Salt and Pepper.


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Comment by bradstewart, on 1-Mar-2007 14:02

I also noticed that when you log into 'Yahoo!Xtra' mail the sign in page has Yahoo!Xtra but the actual mail is still Yahoo!7. Bleh horrible red.

Sticking with gmail also

Comment by chiefie, on 1-Mar-2007 14:49

I thought you can POP into Yahoo! Mail by subscribing to its in-mail advertising, or (like you discovered) subscribe for Yahoo! Mail Plus.

I can POP into my Yahoo! Mail with the former option, and didn't have to pay anything, except a bit of advertising in the email, and I get 2GB space too.

Comment by tonyhughes, on 1-Mar-2007 15:13

I thought POP and SMTP went together like peas and carrots, not salt and pepper ?

Comment by bradstewart, on 1-Mar-2007 16:12

Gmail now supports sending and receiving via other POP accounts

Comment by Jacob, on 2-Mar-2007 11:28

The reason it checks the .com database when choosing a username is that your username is not only your email address. When logged in to any worldwide Yahoo! site your username is used to access a lot of features, most of the time dropping the @yahoo.com off the end.

Oh, and it has been possible to have a @yahoo.co.nz email address for many years now.

Comment by bradstewart, on 2-Mar-2007 12:18

If you have an @yahoo.com email address, you cant still receive emails sent to yahoo.co.nz and log in from mail.yahoo.co.nz etc.

Unlike Hotmail where joe@hotmail.com is different from joe@hotmail.co.uk

Comment by monster, on 2-Mar-2007 14:49

Have you tried mozilla thunderbird instead of outlook? I use it at home to check my hotmail, yahoo.co.nz, gmail and lycos email accounts (don't ask why i have so many!!). the webmail plugin makes POPing them together easy, and it doesn't cost anything

Comment by Dean, on 2-Mar-2007 16:54

thats why I have my own domain name and email accounts that I manage

I currently use http://www.netneeds.co.nz/ and for the smallest plan its a $2 a week (inc domain name costs)

I was with http://www.freeparking.co.nz/ which offers a similar service (a very easy smooth service for average joe)

This is not an ad for these guys , just that these days it is so easy for you to set up your own domain and manage it yourself. Move ISPs .. and your email address does not need to change

Comment by BobW, on 22-Aug-2007 10:26

Xtra must think we are all idiots

The Xtra Yahoo move is based on revenue from the ads that we pay for in download time.

The yahoo cum xtra mail is extrememly slow taking up to three screens before mail titles are shown and a 30 second task now takes up to 3 to 5 minutes. Screens jump and the behind the scenes data exchange is a worry.

Shame on you Xtra. I and many others will move if the email is not sorted to provide retrieval at least as quick as it was. 1 months notice.

Comment by Bev, on 28-Aug-2007 21:07

Bubbling with rage over Xtra

Today I have had to go against my principles and sign up to that stupid Bubble thing just to access my e-mail.

I can hardly express my anger that I was forced to sign up to Yahoo just to read my own e-mail. Last week I gave up the convenience of reading my mail

on-line because I refused to sign up to Yahoo as I could not agree with their terms and conditions. Their lax attitude to customer privacy and their intrusive advertising have always been a reason to avoid Yahoo.

I was still able to download e-mails into Outlook Express. Until today.

I phoned Xtra helpline and a patient customer helpdesk person told me that I would never see my e-mail again unless I signed up to the Bubble thing. I refused. He explained again.

Eventually, defeated, I agreed. I compromised my principles, I gritted my teeth, I told a lie, and I signed up. Reluctantly. Unwillingly. Under

duress. I was forced to. I had no option. The patient young man took me through the process of changing my POP numbers to get connected to the

despised Yahoo. I felt dirty.

I got my e-mails. In my inbox were 2 messages. Both were spam. So even the spam filters at the ghastly you-know-what thing don't work.

Why am I not surprised?

Comment by m3mberman, on 1-Sep-2007 18:11

Last I checked, I was still able to use yahoo.co.nz based email address with my Outlook through pop access. But I had registered the name before the whole Xtra meeting Yahoo fiasco. If I'm not mistaken using the pop.mail.yahoo.com.au and smtp.mail.yahoo.com.au provides you with free POP access to yahoo.co.nz based email address. Well my outlook still works fine with those settings. Do give it a try. Might just work for you.

Comment by Joe, on 14-Jan-2008 00:25

Quoting memberman

"If I'm not mistaken using the pop.mail.yahoo.com.au and smtp.mail.yahoo.com.au provides you with free POP access to yahoo.co.nz based email address. Well my outlook still works fine with those settings. Do give it a try. Might just work for you."

I totally agree with him as I can use it too, however, he forgot to mention that to enable this feature, make sure you change your webmail from Yahoo 7 or Yahoo Beta to the Classic one to start retrieving your email via an email software like Outlook, etc. So you get everything for FREE still! hah!

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