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Bumper sticker madness

By Gary R, in , posted: 2-Apr-2007 14:21

I was driving behind a smoke belching 1980's Mitsushitty Van today and every time the driver accelerated the air filled up with a dense, black smoke. The back of the van was covered in bumper stickers such as:

'Greenpeace supporter'
'I support Amnesty International'
'Meat is Murder' (which is PETA, I always thought PETA stood for 'People Eating Tasty Animals' - I must be wrong!)
'Powered by Tofu'

...and various other bumper sticker nuggets broadcasting to all meat eating tailgater's just how wrong it is to consume Bambi and her relatives.

The driver must be oblivious to the 'Peak Oil' theory because he/she would be using at least a litre of oil per week.

My new bumper sticker:

'Pollution Endangers - Tune your Auto'


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Comment by johnr, on 2-Apr-2007 15:28

PETA nothing like eating a nice big steak

Comment by sbiddle, on 2-Apr-2007 15:38

Funny you should mention that - I was following a crapped out green Volvo stationwagon the other day heading into town on the motorway. It had smoke belching out and was plastered in Green Party and Greenpeace bumper stickers on the back.. Go figure.

Comment by freitasm, on 2-Apr-2007 15:49

Those are just a bunch of hypocrites, who like to point at others' faults but don't look on themselves...

Comment by lugh, on 2-Apr-2007 15:54

Looks like powering a wagon with tofu is bad for the environment. My car runs on meat and not a puff of smoke to be seen.

Comment by freitasm, on 2-Apr-2007 17:14

Meat is good!

Comment by paradoxsm, on 2-Apr-2007 17:18

I have pics of some car, again in a clapped out mitzi (always mitzi's too that blow smoke) Bellowing out blue smoke, petrol, so the car was indeed stuffed.

The plate was:

"Keep nz Clean and Green"
Along with Windpower, greenpeace, Keep NZ Ge Free and other stupid stickers. maybe he should buy a new car and drive it properly, then the emissions would be much lower.

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